Keyboard Throw FAIL
In some kind of a keyboard throwing contest a guy fails hard! Thanks to: For more FAIL visit

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25 Responses to Keyboard Throw FAIL

  1. omega0078 says:

    look like someone got a blue screen of death

  2. HaganeSnake says:

    They say System Administrator’s Day

  3. Toemta says:

    after all the stupid soviet russia jokes on failblog comments in the past, this made me laugh hard!

  4. DrivnSc00by says:


  5. DrivnSc00by says:

    Funny right luis?

  6. FELOOx1 says:

    *keeps hiting 0:18

  7. therider931 says:

    @1590TheG we all did

  8. 1590TheG says:

    @therider931 You failed with that comment

  9. hatchettt80 says:

    I ducked like it was gonna hit me lol

  10. akarte00 says:

    oh no, my keyboard!

  11. FatalX7 says:

    Gotta admit, that made me flinch.

  12. soureysen says:

    thats a win, i bet it was the guy filming that got the idea. so good for him

  13. StickArenaNow says:

    Lolz, when the keyboard comes towards to the camera i flinch.

  14. xXxMicrosoftSamxXx says:


  15. southport97 says:

    p??oq??? ?no? s?o??? ?uo??os u??? su?dd?? ???? s? s???

  16. anthonylka10 says:

    @MrDonutNCola i did the same thing, brofist.

  17. kevinzmallari says:

    hahah nice throw!

  18. therider931 says:

    failblog fails at making soviet russia jokes -.-

  19. physicmad says:

    now does the dislike mean fail or does the like mean fail!



  21. MrDonutNCola says:

    When the keyboard came flying towards the camera, i ducked. It’s a reflex that has saved me many times.

  22. his1dudeness says:

    @EliteGamer97 When will this stupid joke die?

  23. mattyvizzle says:

    @sshhitrollsdownhill if you don’t know where something takes place you just assume its in russia

  24. 18ringobkSUX says:

    fuckin idiot can’t even throw a keyboard, if i was the camera man i woulda been pissed and threw the camera straight at his face

  25. vivaSchumi7 says:

    BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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