XDR(tm) 2 Memory Architecture

The XDR(tm)2 Memory Architecture is the world’s fastest DRAM technology with performance up to 12.8Gbps. Twice the bandwidth of GDDR5 at half the power.

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7 Responses to XDR(tm) 2 Memory Architecture

  1. Mudldessertlpie says:

    A disgustingly volatile company that seems to have no problem with false advertisement. This company is filled with people who will do anything they can to rip other company’s off. They have no rights to any of the profit they make off there dismal patents.

  2. guyverman says:

    @mathhenr And if XDR2 is 512-bit when launched? Either way, GDDR5 is 2 generations ahead of GDDR3 in bandwidth and XDR2 produces 2x the bandwidth of it at half the power. If I am blinded by sales-speak, please correct me.

  3. MultiCamo says:

    No memory manufacturer is interested.

    Hopefully they’ll have designed an XDR3 by the time the PS4 comes around

  4. PWN3R3D says:

    Rob Dhat Rob this LOL
    funniest name ever!!!!

  5. guyverman says:

    if only: double gtx295 core card with 2GB of xdr2 with a Mini-CBE with some eDRAM for 128x hyper-sampled AA/AF.

    bet it could run crysis at 300fps 😛

  6. loranggtx260 says:

    OMG!!! Late this video to nvidia

  7. snipesre says:

    5:24 owned

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