head unit has audio, but no video?

so i got my sony xav-60 hooked up and it worked for 20 mins perfectly fine. after that 20 mins i put in a dvd to test it out. it had audio but no video. it said “video blocked for your safety”. so i took the dvd out after 5 mins and when i took it out the lcd display screen went blank and now wont go back on at all. i havent touched any wires at all. it just stopped working. if i press the eject button for the disc it goes in and out and it beeps through the speakers. just no visual on the screen. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???? PLEASE help.

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One Response to head unit has audio, but no video?

  1. Nuwli says:

    There’s a “kill switch” wire on all in-dash screens. This wire is attached to the e-brake switch. That way the manufacturers can ensure you dont try and watch DVD’s whilst driving !

    If the “kill” wire isnt connected, or the wiring is damaged, or you dont have the e-brake on, you dont get to watch video.

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