Culture Is Your Operating System : Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna and his idea of extropy is explained through the window of opportunity we can call novelty. One of Terence McKenna’s most widely promulgated ideas is known as Novelty theory. It predicts the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory in the mid 1970s after his experiences in the Amazon at La Chorrera led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching. Novelty theory involves ontology, extropy, and eschatology. The theory proposes that the universe is an engine designed for the production and conservation of novelty. Novelty, in this context, can be thought of as newness, or extropy (a term coined by Max More meaning the opposite of entropy). According to McKenna, when novelty is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as “timewave zero” or simply the “timewave” results. The graph shows at what time periods, but never at what locations, novelty increases or decreases. Considered by some to represent a model of history’s most important events, the universal algorithm has also been extrapolated to be a model for future events. McKenna admitted to the expectation of a “singularity of novelty”, and that he and his colleagues projected many hundreds of years into the future to find when this singularity (runaway “newness” or extropy) could occur. The graph of extropy had many enormous fluctuations over the last 25000 years, but amazingly, it hit an asymptote at exactly December 22, 2012. In

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25 Responses to Culture Is Your Operating System : Terence McKenna

  1. leiberfrasmilch says:

    Who are the techs?? Socialist intellectuals the New Shamans of our time?.So when the hard drive goes to blue screen of death we don’t reprogram it we throw it away and install a new one.How about, that this guy is so intelligent yet he advocates chemical labotomy of the brain for society to deal with change or illusions of perception.

  2. Tomaldinho9 says:

    @brazenhubris greatest comment ever

  3. no565 says:

    i think i understand what he’s trying to say. I have some ideas for creating an operating system, but is he trying to compare our society to a OS? everytime i tell someone that i am making one, everyone seems to cringe like “oh thats a big problem that you’re taking on” What is so incredible and impossible about creating a new OS?

  4. TheJovanist says:

    I understand this message. The current culture we live in follows a self destructive path and at the same time disregards and shuns all notions of a multi-dimensional universe that takes us to a more humble state of mind.

    I want to get away from Western/ industrial corrupted culture many times but my ego holds me back and capitalism threatens my survival rate if I go against it in a revolutionary manner. Despite this conflict, I have DMT and mushrooms. Thank goodness!

  5. hornsofarabbit says:

    I like it. It perturbs. Who is it?

  6. grownman455 says:

    Anything that promote sameness is wrong in my opinion.. Anything says because I’m this race or i believe this or my family has a long line of that I cant do what I really want is dangerous to humans period.. Everyone should be living there own perfect different life and letting there belief system come from living life…. In my opinion.. Force people to think for themselves and not be told how to feel or think..

  7. grownman455 says:

    capitialism or anything for that matter is evil only if you have that helpless feeling and you feel like you are not in control of your life. Which if you feel like you have a false feeling because you can live a rich abundant free happy healthy life and let those people run wild..

  8. caseyjonas86 says:

    You don’t sound like you had an agenda before watching this at all.

  9. madscirat says:

    I do agree on the nature of ethnobotany. Cultures which could adapt their software were probably selected for and as such eventually all extant cultures retained a particular mind/plant symbiosis.

    I must point out, however, that barring some Toltec or Atlantean civilization, people have never been so free as they are today in the west. Many may not take advantage of that freedom, but that does not negate its existence.

  10. madscirat says:

    I’ve done a lot of upgrading and I disagree with some of McKenna’s points. He seems to think all tribal witch doctors were on par with Don Juan. This is not the case, many exert power and influence by means of a supernatural world that only they can see/control. It is not their goal to free peoples mind but to reassert a supernatural claim to power.

    Im also very weary of hearing people criticize a capitalism which does not exist. We do not have free trade, we have regulated markets.

  11. plutoend99 says:

    where can I find these psychedelic paintings?

  12. pamaspamas says:

    0:11 (eleven seconds) immunology is EUGENICS! keep them DEATH SHOTS away from your kids!

  13. iscream22 says:

    @77onelove If you want the really easy way out, Go google “Homestead book company” and go to their website, you’ll find what you need there

  14. CiscoNast says:

    wonderful especially the par that says “polluting the air that we breath” that is not intelligent!

  15. dalethomasdewitt says:

    Let’s use the analogy of cleaning the windows registry to make the computer go faster. The premise sounds sorta logical until you discuss those familiar with how out of the way the registry is and how extraneous entries just don’t do anything and therefor don’t get in the way of a fast computation. Likewise the concept of erasure sounds related to amplified concentration or whatever. But the application of psyche-drug to erase those mythical blocking agents is but a hypothesis.

  16. 77onelove says:

    thx brotha ima look into it.. that would be amazing…

  17. HigherPlanes says:

    Grow your own homie. It’s easy as pie

  18. 77onelove says:

    i need some disc cleaning hallucinogincs? i can never find any(

  19. Blastcasterinc says:

    I didnt get it to far off the wall.

  20. assmane999 says:

    Disc cleanings can be scary. They always create nightmarish experiences for me. I wish I could do it without hallucinogenic drugs.

  21. assmane999 says:

    A lot of complicated info to process. This is truly fascinating, and I liked the analogy downloading software on computers, which made it easier to understand.

  22. cameronglass says:

    what’s with the annoying ringing? are you trying to give someone an anurism? ALL GOOD INFO. thank you. i needed some inspiration. im so sad those military people were shot. but, it’s better to think it was all an act. showbiz. everything on tv is showbiz. get what u get out of it. try to be the change uU wish to see in the world.~

  23. jw22345 says:

    what u said is extremely far from the truth. i know u might believe that all this man is just a guy with bats in the belfry, rabbling on and on about stuff unrelated to your life, but thats not true. once you actually experience what he talks about (psychadelic experiences – shrooms, dmt, etc), only then will you understand. i know exactly what he is talking about in pretty much this whole video -> wiping my cultural state clean and replacing it.
    do urself a favor and try some psychadelics.

  24. CammieSpectrum says:

    I say The Left Brain World is The Matrix, because it is what is created by The super Left Brain Dominant Banking Elite, which I think of as the machines that control the matrix

    I have seen that, but there have been other people that have said what she had said before her; it’s just that they are not in the mainstream

  25. concernedboutyou says:

    Our current society is the matrix. Our left brain accepts it. I would prescribe mindfulness with breathing as a means to be able to switch it off some times.

    (I guess you saw “what it feels like to have a stroke.”) 😉

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