Hp Hewlett-packard’s Portfolio of Hard Disk Drives

It is the ultimate goal of HP Hewlett-Packard to deliver hard drives that satisfy the needs of the customers and provide efficient results. With the help of expanded portfolio of HP hard disk drives, the users have the flexibility to select the devices that are best suited in terms of performance, cost, capacity and reliability. The HP hard drives are tested in harsh and extreme conditions to check their reliability. They are optimized and designed to work together to minimize down time and installation time. When the customers select the HP hard drives, they can integrate them confidently and easily to their working environment and get their desired results and performance.

The midline hard drives from HP have the highest storage capacity for the purpose of external data storage. HP has expanded its portfolio to meet the requirements of drives with larger storage capacitates. So, HP has included midline hard disk drives with both interfaced of SAS & SATA.

HP midline hard drives are more reliable than the entry class â??Serial Advanced Technology Attachment SATA hard disc drivesâ?. HP midline hard drives have the new and advanced features as the â??rotational vibration sensorsâ?. The environmental stress in the external and multi-drive storage solutions is accommodated by these vibration sensors. The most typical applications that can be used the HP midline hard drives are video editing, archiving & referencing, backup, scale out data centers, file & print. â??SAS interfaceâ? option is also available the midline hard drives of HP. The SAS interface is with connectivity of dual port. Therefore, from controller a redundant path is provided to the drive that enhances the data availability and includes tolerance for expander failure, HBA failure and cable failure. The design of the midline HP hard drives intends it to work in â??non missionâ? critical environments for workloads from low to moderate. Therefore, they should not be used in the environments where the I/O workload is more than 40 percent.

The HP enterprise hard drives are best suited for heavy duty, critical cycle applications. HP Enterprise hard disc drives offer their users high efficient performance, reliability, error management and scalability. These HP drives also support the applications ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management).

The HP enterprise drives have the technology and features to handle â??customer facingâ? and â??high transactionalâ? applications like the E-commerce & search engines. HP enterprise drives can also fulfill the reliability and performance oriented requirements especially where uptime is critical. The base of SAS interface is SCSI specification which is leading the industry. So, it offers the increased reliability to satisfy the requirements for the data center continuity.

SAS architecture facilitates and accommodates the designers to install SATA drives/SAS drives or mixture of both SAS and SATA in same box. Therefore, if the userâ??s storage needs change, they do not need to upgrade their entire infrastructure and they can just comfortably transition between the technologies. HP also offers comprehensive services that include system integration, IT consulting, recovery services, migration support, outsourcing, installation services, expertâ??s support for NAS & SAN technologies and much more.

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