Optimus Maximus Keyboard Software

live.pirillo.com – After successfully restarting my computer and pulling up the Optimus configuration tool for OS X, it was able to recognize the keyboard and map everything. I want to show you something that is really interesting on the keyboard.

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25 Responses to Optimus Maximus Keyboard Software

  1. flemish4 says:

    can i change the colour to microwaves?

  2. Joshloft says:

    myriad pro semi-bold show plzz ?

  3. leigon9 says:

    fucking youtube ads…

  4. 45ish says:

    @xyugi0007 yah, & nerdiness

  5. Frans000003 says:

    Now you can not only view films on your Pc but on YOUR KEYBOARD TOO !!!!!!

  6. Frans000003 says:

    I think that with 1600 dollars I will better buy a FlatScreen

  7. YTMrVulcan says:

    @Laser174300 Aren’t they *US* Dollars?

  8. hunkashoo says:

    This, or macbook pro. Hmm

  9. xyugi0007 says:

    Okay, what the fuck. How many times do you even look at your keyboard? I mean, if you were on the computer that long to actually consider buying a 1600 KEYBOARD then you probably already know what every key does, and probably don’t even look at your keyboard when typing. This is the most prominent example of materialism.

  10. Optimus754 says:

    @geezgoddamn People who aren’t total nerds and haven’t memorized the keys like use xD

  11. wolferean1production says:

    that would be a awsome keyboard for gaming… if it had presets and didn’t cost 1600 DAMN Dollars

  12. geezgoddamn says:

    Who looks at their keyboard while typing?

  13. Joshua277456 says:

    play an 1080p movie on one of the keys xD

  14. xXwhygodwhyXx says:

    i hate that keyboard. I cant even type in it. My dad got it and gave it to me cause he hates it and so do i so i only got like $300 from it. I dont even think its worth $200

  15. ZAXA11 says:

    i hate it it must use so much juice

  16. Alphamodule says:

    He could have had his nasty voice fixed for that price but nooo he bought a useless piece of cheap oled crap which sells for 1000% over the production costs. Dude, OLEDdisplays are as cheap as newspaper. The reason why no other oled keyboards are on the market is the lifespan sucks (esp blue) and the leds get really quick down when they re not switched

  17. lunitar78 says:

    You could make a mean ass “simon says’ game on that keyboard.

  18. shigalbigal says:


  19. keithpetro says:

    Shift function is AWESOME! “my hardware at least” 😛

  20. lacokai says:

    this keyboard is 1600 dollars…. wtf? for this price it should give you a BJ to…LOL :-)))

  21. TheWen777 says:

    1 take a dep breath
    2 think of somebody you like
    3 press f10 five times
    4 send this to 5 youtube videos
    5 look at your background

  22. 777Kiana says:

    wow… pretty kewl.. my bro has a kewl, expensive keyboard, but not as kewl as this…

  23. drakefs says:

    its not for the avg user, just like the super car is not for the avg driver. this keyboard is the super car of keyboards that only the few will be able to afford. You dont have to be a “dumb fucking idiot” to buy one, just a stupidly wealthy person.

  24. 58Nikolla says:

    @kingfiresprite lol

  25. dougfunny89 says:

    $1,600 for a keyboard? thats almost $2,000.
    you’ve got to be the dummest fucking most idiotic person on earth to buy one of these. seriously get some help. In the end, all it is is a keyboard. why go through the keyboard menu its the stupidest thing ever. just access through your computer… thats why you have a computer. ill just settle for a cheap keyboard that can light up white…

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