Macworld San Francisco 2000-The Mac OS X Introduction (Pt.3)
By request, here is when Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X for the first time ever. I edited the video myself to show the very best moments of the presentation & split it up into 3 parts on account of youtube’s bogus time limit.

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25 Responses to Macworld San Francisco 2000-The Mac OS X Introduction (Pt.3)

  1. PMrockXmetal says:

    5:15 He said “Hide it” really GAY!

  2. SamDawesShow says:

    EWWWWWWWW!!!!! snow lepord should have come sooner

  3. mastersirus1985 says:

    Cant wait til Sabertooth

  4. mastgrr says:

    Besides the look, the Dock hasn’t changed one damn thing in 10 years. It’s one of the few things they’ve barely updated. Stacks is about the only thing they’ve done with it, which was with Leopard 3 years ago.

  5. chillinur36 says:

    its weird. this is 2010 and we know more about mac now than apple almost like tiger, leopard, snow leopard, jaguar, and panther

  6. decmasta says:

    the doc is very elegant now… 🙂

  7. jbasniakgm112 says:

    @HappyFoxIsHappy Right you are, Fox.

  8. sevenavenger says:

    Badass! really old…but badass.

  9. Amdixer says:

    @JustinTW995 My dream 😛 Take my 27 inch imac back in time, go to this presentation, walk up the stage, say hi to steve, pop in the port and show snow leopard to them 😛

  10. comneard2 says:

    thats not the only thing that grows wen he minomizes a window lol!

  11. HappyFoxIsHappy says:


    Transparency makes a big difference.

    This must of been an internal beta or demo version, the public beta featured a transparent dock.

  12. Vorkeyjones says:


  13. PresidentMudkip says:

    lol flame wars

  14. mikey88772 says:

    if leopard was 10.0 that would be cool

  15. thenotsosilentmind says:

    …next decade?! Well, the decade ended. What now?

  16. televisioneyes says:

    My dock just grows………Giggity

  17. ty2 says:

    Bill Gates knew how to make software, but Steve Jobs always knew how to make it work better and make it so easy and beautiful to use that we as consumers actually used it.

    Yes, an iPad is a lot like an iPod in the sense that it uses the same OS. However, that is the genius of it. It is so beautiful and easy to use that we have actually started to use tablets in this day and age. Before a tablet was not functional and it did not catch on. Now, a tablet actually makes sense.

    Jobs is a genius.

  18. richardmaudsley77 says:

    @NDogg15 Are you being deliberately obtuse? Desktop linux sucks, forever.

    “If I have to pirate something just to afford it, someone has done something seriously wrong. Why not just break into a store and steal a? Mac in that case?”

    Like I said, you can’t afford £25 for an OS then shit is fucked up on your end.

    Pay the £25, go home, download the chameleon bootloader, and install it on your standard IBM PC compatable like a grownup.

  19. NDogg15 says:

    @richardmaudsley77 That first point was an opinion, and Linux compatibility (along with the fact that it’s not realistically relevant) invalidates the second. You have nothing.
    I was comparing a PC laptop to a white MacBook. I’m not even going to bother with iMac, since all “all-in-ones” are overpriced.
    If I have to pirate something just to afford it, someone has done something seriously wrong. Why not just break into a store and steal a Mac in that case?

  20. richardmaudsley77 says:

    @NDogg15 It has a windowing system, desktop, gui toolkit, and sdk that doesn’t suck. Mac 1, linux 0.

    It’s unix, so has 40 years of legacy software compatible with it. Mac 2, Windows 0.

    You’re delusional if you think $300 with get you an equivalent PC. A $300 PC has a Celeron, not even a PDC. A $300 PC is a shitbox. Let’s be realistic, and add a monitor, like that $1000 mac has. So really that’s $200 for a computer. Intel Atom?

    If you don’t like the prices, build your own Mac. Seriously, OSx86

  21. NDogg15 says:

    @richardmaudsley77 And what does OS X have that Windows and Linux don’t?
    My point is that every OEM offers both budget and premium lines EXCEPT APPLE. If you can find a reason why this is acceptable, why OS X is the best OS out there, and why Apple’s construction is enough to justify the price of buying a $1000 Mac with the specs of a $300 PC when I could buy a $1000 PC with 2-3x better specs and more than adequate construction, I’ll sell all of my PCs for a MBP. Damn Apple cocksuckers…

  22. richardmaudsley77 says:

    @NDogg15 Also why would you need to spend $200 for windows? What the fuck does windows have that Mac OS doesn’t? Games? Does I give a fuck? Just buy a 360 like a normal person.* It’s far easier.

    * I actually game on PC. It’s a pain in the ass to deal with shitty porting efforts and the upgrade cycle, so next time I’m buying a console.

  23. richardmaudsley77 says:


    They haven’t. While the styling is the same, internally each revision is different. There’s a lot of cost in redesigning a case.
    Not to mention the manufacturing cost, each one is milled from a solid block of aluminium with fucking lasers!

    also lol “second, I don’t care about facts. here’s some BS”. smooth.

    So, they add unix, they remove the parallel, serial and PS/2 wastes of space, don’t look like ass and have a practical design.

    If you’d rather have a tin box, OSx86. I did.

  24. NDogg15 says:

    @richardmaudsley77 First of all, they’ve been using the exact same designs since 2007. Second, I don’t care. The real reason they only sell premium-priced products is marketing. Selling at those prices makes consumers think that Apple products must be a step above all others. In reality, Macs are a novelty for most users. They don’t add much at all, they take away ports and power, and power users usually need to spend another $200 to get Windows, thus eliminating the whole point of buying a Mac.

  25. richardmaudsley77 says:


    Believe it or not a lot of the cost is actually in a macs case. Every new model has a brand new design, internally if not stylistically, and take up a huge engineering budget to work to the standards they do. Fitting a quad core i7 rig into a roughly 2inch thick panel, and having run completely silent, is expensive as hell. for example, the cost price of a 08 imac was about £650 and sold for £800. Normally companies sell at 3x the price of making an item.

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