I am looking for legitimate work at home, not marketing, job. Using computer, no cost to start?

I am looking for an at home job doing data entry, computer work, customer service, etc. I am excellent with computers and learn programs really quickly. I want to work part time. serious about an at home job. do not want to pay price for job, want serious legitimate job. Should not have to pay for it. Also no marketing jobs or sales job. Where can I find honest business looking for me as an employee?

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  1. Anee M says:

    well i take surveys online. check out my site http://cashtutor.blogspot.com I review all the sites that have paid me and even posted the checks online. They’re all free and easy. You won’t get rich but they definitely help with bills or something. 🙂

  2. roan12 says:

    I’ve been doing some work with http://www.elance.com the past week, all the work is home based, data entry, transcription etc. The only thing is you’re competing against people from countries where the hourly rate of pay is a lot lower, so not sure if it would be worth it for you.

    Also have a look at the jobs listed here, most are appicable to us,canada,europe, its quite good, thats where I found the above link.


    Its been updated today to include some Craft type jobs which can be done from home, mainly re-distribution, but it possible to make good money from it if you work hard.

    So many online jobs are out there. In fact, to do any online job, you need not want to invest anything. Make sure, you dont pay anything to get jobs online. It is just that need to pick the one that suits you the best. I hope this helps you and–>I believe you will find the online job that you love the most. Thanks


  3. clintonian70 says:

    I wouldn’t be quick to shoot down marketing because it’s a legit way to earn good money at home. Filling surveys, data entry, etc will only get you so far. I work with AmeriPlan, which lacks everyones hated thing about marketing, cold calling.

    They sell medical benefits (not insurance but benefits) and are a 16 year old company. Benefits as in dental, vision, chiro, prescription, etc. There is NO cold calling, leads are provided. You can also recruit to do the same and make even more. Residual income eventually comes after 6 months, for the lifetime of people’s memberships. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you work part time, you can make $800-2000 a month to start off but if you put 2-4 years of good steady effort, you can make $100,000+ a year. I’d trust a 16 year old company over anyone else and a company that has a physical address too.
    No experience? You don’t need any. Actually you are better off with less because the training is great, with great support, videos, text, conference training calls and more.

    Any questions, add my name and message me.

  4. lionontheprowl says:

    My wife and I work for ChaCha.com, you need a referral in order to get signed up.

    It’s absolutely Free (but you will need to go through a series of tests to see if your English and Research skills are up to par).

    It works like this, you need a PC with internet and Firefox. You get a popup letting you know someone texted in a question to Chacha on their phone. You research the answer and paste it in the website and it sends your text message back to them. If you are interested, you can message me and I’ll send you a
    referral and the website. They pay .20 per text that you answer and it takes about 2-5 minutes of research to find an answer (it isn’t a fortune but a person can easily make $150 – $200 a month doing this).

  5. Dana W says:

    YES! The Body Shop At Home is a legit business registered with the DSA and B/B!

    The Body Shop At Home is a ground floor opportunity with all that direct sales has to offer as well as the 27th most recognized brand in the world.

    Our Products: All of our products are made with love of life, the world we live in, community spirit and trading fairly! Our Spring Trend make-up has caught the eye of the national media including Self, Glamour, Redbook, CosmoGirl, InStyle, Latina and Ladies’ Home Journal.

    Our Values: We separate ourselves with core values that make you feel proud of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Support Community Trade. Protect Our Planet.
    Activate Self Esteem. Defend Human Rights. Against Animal Testing. Yes, We’re Made with Pass!on

    Our Customers: We love to celebrate each one. Everyone is an individual. My favorite core values are Activating Self Esteem and Defending Human Rights. Each month we have fantastic offers for our customers. This month we are having a 30% Off Skin Care Bundles for Every Customer. No matter what type of skin care our customers have they can save on a bundle that is just right! Three piece skin care bundles are 30% off all month.

    Our Hosts: Our at home parties are non-traditional – we call them GNO’s (Girls Nite Out’s). Our hosts can choose from our 4 main GNOs – Fabulous Face GNO; Spa Experience GNO; Make Me Fabulous GNO; or a Foot Fun Party. We have fun and relaxing while experiencing an evening of self indulgence! A $500 Girls Nite Out could reward a hostess with over $300 in product for $75. (this includes a Free collection, 3 ½ off collections, Host Bonus, Host Thank You Gift, Host Say Yes Gift and 2 Booking Gifts) This month our Hosts can get their own collection for FREE when they hold a GNO with sales of $350 or more! The collection, worth $51.50, includes Blushing Daisy Palette 01 Light Pink, Shimmer Buds 01 and Lip Gloss 01 Shade: Tulip Peach. The perfect spring look! We have the best host plan out there!!!

    Our Consultants: WOW! Where do I start…? Our consultants can earn up to 45% of their commission. We earn free products monthly, we earn 1/2 price products monthly. Consultants can also earn Kit Builder – that is featuring our Summer Products NOW for 1/2 price! We also have promotions every month to earn groupings of free products. TBSAH calls it our 2-4-8 challenge. This month we can earn over $152 in products including the new spring products. PLUS, we can earn Products Every Week With the “Just One More” Promotion. Basically, a consultant can earn over $40 in products EVERY WEEK! With the Just One More Challenge. Each week a new flyer is posted with what we can earn this week.

    Joining Offers: The Body Shop At Home has a fabulous offer lined up for new Consultants! The $150 Starter Kit offer continues to provide a low cost way for a new Consultant to start her own business. Plus, in March she can earn a bonus kit with a travel burner, the new Sailboat Home Fragrance Oil, GNO folders, Host coaching envelopes AND a tub tote when she has $400 in her first full month.
    We also have lots of incentives for our consultants… an MP3 player, a GPS system or even a relaxing five day spa trip.

    A new TBSAH consultant with reaching her first Sure Start this month and holding a successful March launch will be receiving almost $2000 in products!!!!! When all the host benefits, the kit value and promotional giveaways are added up!!!!!

    I love what I do and YOU could too! I would love to talk to anyone about any aspect of this amazing company!

    Warmest Wishes, Dana Wainstein
    Senior Coordinator, The Body Shop At Home
    email me dwainstein1@comcast.net

    “I want to work for a company that contributes to and is part of the community. I want something not just to invest in. I want something to believe in.”~ Dame Anita Roddick, 1942 – 2007

  6. sunshine_dap says:

    There is no getting rich on the internet unless you are one of those high powered marketers, but there are ways to make extra money online with different programs. I take surveys, get paid for incoming calls and writing tips and articles for different sites. I make $10 here, $50 there, and it adds up to about $300-$400 a month. I’m trying to expand that, but I do work full time, so the effort I put into working at home is only part time.

  7. Sun T says:

    You can try freelance writing, bookkeeping, software, transcription or customer service work at home jobs. These companies do not require any fee and pay well . List of companies(with websites) offering genuine work at home jobs is available at http://www.pcworkathome.net . Many of these companies have been in business for several years

  8. Professor says:

    Try http://www.gianiji.com . Hope this helps! : )

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