How to physically clean the inside of an old desktop computer case?

So i took an old desktop computer off my aunt’s hands and it is really dusty. She never maintained it at all, so a lot of dust and dirt has gathered inside the case. How would i go about safely cleaning the inside without damaging anything in there?

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7 Responses to How to physically clean the inside of an old desktop computer case?

  1. dave_15_uk says:

    take the side of the case off and use a vacuum cleaner

  2. BB says:

    Use canned air and a vacuum cleaner with a small attachment. I use a series of small, long bristled paint brushes as well.

  3. Martin says:

    open it up. blow out dust, use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly moist towl.

    Ofc have it shut off and unplugged. Dont fuck around the power-supply it might still be charged

  4. jud says:

    I use a garden blower outside in the garden…no seriously i do and it gets the dust out of every corner.

  5. lfam6 says:

    Use an air compressor or can of compressed air to blow the dust out. Do NOT listen to anyone telling you to use a vaccum or damp rag, vaccums give off static electricyity and can really harm your components, and water is bad for anything related to computers in general. So yeah, bloing the air out is best. NO VACCUMS.

  6. poolekiteman says:

    most popular way is to use a vacuum cleaner hose with crevice tool, and a half inch CLEAN paintbrush to loosen the dust. check all air vents, grilles and filters are clean. If any of the fans look choked, or the BIG heat-sink on the processor, then give them some serious attention.
    Before you start, turn off mains power, but leave the lead attached, to keep the PC grounded (Earthed) to prevent static damage – and take it EASY in there – OK?
    PS – if its an old box, then some of the fans my be running slow or rough – replacements are cheap to find on Ebay, and usually very easy to install.

  7. teandbikkies says:

    DO NOT USE A VACUUM CLEANER. Sorry for the capital letters, as someone else mentioned vacuum cleaners can give off static electricity = dead computer.

    Exception is you can buy a miniature vacuum designed specially for computers. Also you can buy a small can of compressed air, read the instructions as i believe it can turn to liquid if you keep the can tilted for too long.

    Nothing wet/damp. Use dry paint brush. Check especially fans are not clogged.

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