Windows Operating System: Windows XP

Before initiating a discussion on the topic “Operating System Help and Microsoft Windows Support”, We would like to provide an overview on Operating System that will be helpful in order to understand the operating system effectively. Operating system is the most important designed software that runs on a computer.  Operating system is mainly responsible for the communication between the computer and user or it is an interface between the “Computer hardware and users”. Operating system is basically computer resources manager for example main resources is computer hardware in the form of processors, storage, input/output devices, communication devices, and data. Operating system is basically providing an essential platform on which application programs can be written.

Operating system can be classified as follows:

1. Multi-user :- It allows more than one user to run the programs simultaneously basis.

2. Multiprocessing :- It allows to run a program on the more than one CPU simultaneously.

3. Multitasking :- It allows to execute more than one task at the same time,

4. Multithreading :- It allows different parts of a single program to run concurrently.

5. Real Time :- It  has to finish the task within the deadline and responds to input instantly.

We are moving to topic ” Operating System Help and Microsoft Windows Support” now. In today modern world, we have a large number of operating systems available in the market. All the operating system have the different and unique features but windows xp operating system is much better than rest of them. Windows XP is being used on the large scale across the worldwide whether it is for the official purpose or it is home use. Winodws XP is much easier to use and understand it’s functionality.

Windows XP is a line of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, notebook computers, and media centers. Windows XP have universal hardware support and better graphics which makes it a better operating system. Winodws XP also have some other important features as security and wireless support. Windows XP new features are as following:

1. Much faster start-up and hibernation sequences

2. Fast user switching, which allows a user to save the current state and open applications of their desktop and allow another user to log on without losing that information.

3. Windows has most important feature is Remote Desktop functionality which allows the computer to connect over the network in order to access the resources of the other computers.

4. Windows XP also support for DSL modems and wireless network connections, as well as networking over FireWire, and Bluetooth

Windows XP operating system have the following minimum system requirements:-

1. Processor : 233 MHz

2. Memory : 64 MB RAM

3. Video adapter and monitor : Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution

4. Hard drive disk free space : 1.5 GB or higher

5. Sound card

6. Speakers or headphones

Microsoft inc. provides the windows xp support center in order to resolves the issue regarding all the Microsoft operating system and its product. It’s website is “”. This support center provides all the important knowledge base articles regarding the issue which will effectively resolve the issue. Microsoft also provides the technical support for the different Microsoft products. We can select the different product by clicking on “Select a Product” tab. It has list of the following product:

1. Windows

2. Internet and MSN

3. Office Products

4. Servers

Alina Wilson is a technical and security specialist, associated with numerous tech firms including iYogi. iYogi is synergistic ally aligned to offer tech support, computer repair, PC help services, Microsoft support, computer support, online technical support, data back-up services to its clients in Australia, US, UK and Canada by Microsoft certified technician.

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