What kind of computer mouse is the best to get?

You know, like:
*The kind w/ a wire.
*The kind that uses a laser not a wire.
(I’m sure there are more types but those are the only ones that I know about. Your answer does not have to be one of these it can be some other kind of mouse for a regular computer not a laptop, oh, not a flat screen either).

What are the pro’s (good things about it) & con’s (bad things) about that mouse?

***~& what’s a good way to clean the ball in a wire-mouse~***

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9 Responses to What kind of computer mouse is the best to get?

  1. Beast says:

    I would get a wired laser mouse for best reliability and performance. Ball mice are not good as they are slow and need cleaning.

    Get wired because wireless mice can have issues with cordless phones and stop working or studder.

  2. Pengy says:

    Get a laser mouse with a wire, stay away from the roller ball mice. TO clean take out the ball and look inside you will see a few bars clean them off that is where your problem is not with the ball itself. Should be able to find a logitech for less that $20

  3. jersey devil says:

    i love my optical mouse with retractable wire. the best in my book. plenty pros no cons. have good day

  4. GamersBuddy says:

    By “wire” I assume you mean a “corded” mouse with a cord coming out and by “laser not a wire” I assume you mean a wireless laser mouse. It depends on what you do with your computer and what kind it is. I am guessing you are using a laptop. Look for a small laser mouse, a wireless one can be costly but worth it. Otherwise I would recommend a retractable cord mouse. Another thing is make sure you are getting a mouse with a “USB” end on it. They are faster to respond and generally smaller.

  5. Chickster says:

    I like a Optical mouse that has a usb cable. Wireless is cool, no cable to get in the way, but I ‘work’ a lot with Photoshop, and I want the cursor to move immediately, with no lag! Sometimes I had to set the receiver again, and again. I’m sure it’s just me! With optical there’s no “c’mon roll!, get the cursor arrow to where I want it, it’s sooooooooooo SMOOTH, on a hard surface like a table top. Off topic I need to upgrade to a Wacom tablet, but my smooth gliding mouse is cool for now! For the roller ball mouse I use isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball, and after taking the mouse apart I clean the rollers, and the ball. Blow dry, put it together. My recommendation is to take $12.00, and buy a optical wired mouse, I convinced my niece who used a roller for 20+ years,(took a WHILE!,LOL!)

  6. Nebulous B says:

    I’m am a personal fan of wired mice over wireless due to the fact that wireless are sometimes unreliable depending on what the signal has to go through. On the upside you are only as restricted as by how far the signal carries.

    Balled Mouse vs. Laser
    I prefer laser mouse because you don’t need a pad or to really clean it. Balls sometimes don’t get the traction you need.

    Cleaning a Ball Mouse- Use a cutip.

    My suggestion- Laser, wired, usb mouse. (Logitech is a reliable company)

  7. acid man says:

    how ever may i first say that the fact it isn’t a flat screen is completly irrelevent.

    well you have the wired ball mouse the first rhedioral device ever, its the most basic, it is least accurate, and requires more maintaince, it is though the cheapest but will proberly be un advalable very soon like 5 years certianally as Ps/2 which is the dedicated mouse and keyboard sockets though they may still be advalable as USB for a bit longer

    the USB wired optical mouse is very good, its far more accurate, precise and needs less movement to work also there is no cleaning to do of it. andthey can be purchesed for a small sum

    the final option is the wireless mouse no balls, hehehehe sorry I’ll stop giggling like a schoolgirl now, hehe these are very good I have one and although they are a bit more expensive, but well worth it as nothing gets tangled and as I am the only left handed person in my house it stops stuff from getting tangled when i swap it over, so these are very good the only con is that they run on batteries so they do need charging up every so often.

    thats about it the mouse, the mouse, the mouse is on fire.

  8. ROY L says:

    Ball mouse – dirt gets inside on rollers, difficult to clean

    Optical mouse – sensitive to mouse mat surface

    Wired mouse – wire can get tangled

    Wireless mouse – a pain when batteries go flat, can be sensitive to radiated interference. Along with a wireless keyboard, can be used for distant operation – like games on a large wide screen LCD TV.

  9. D McC says:

    i much prefer my trackball mouse, you dont have to move it around to move the cursor, just roll the ball with your fingertips, much easier

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