Remington-Rand Presents the Univac
UNIVAC is one of the earliest commercial computers and was easily the most famous computer of the 1950s. This film, produced between 1950 and 1952, shows how the UNIVAC computer was used in business, defense and by the census. The film shows several of the important portions of the UNIVAC system at work, including the high-speed printer, the UNISERVO tape drive, the UNITYPER, card readers and the mercury delay line tanks that served as main memory. The programming process is fully discussed and a business problem is demonstrated. These films served a promotional film as well as a way to demystify computers to the average person.

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25 Responses to Remington-Rand Presents the Univac

  1. TimeLord361 says:

    haha this is so old.

  2. Tom1980nj says:

    I think I know where that building in the beginning is, it’s in Herkimer, New York near K-Mart, I use to live up there.

  3. georgethebromist says:

    @jdobbs2001 Ok dude you are right, what about watching this video in the UNIVAC, Oh!!!! I totally forgot it has no screen, no sound, no graphic card ,NOTHING, and sure you can carry your UNIVAC to wherever you want, and I guess is better to use magnetic tapes than portable USB´s or SD cards.

    (I hate people who talk no sense shit)

  4. HD8Track says:

    I wonder if anyone got fired for looking at ASCII porn?

  5. kickenpox says:

    @jdobbs2001 lol so true so true….

  6. luridplanet says:

    I think analog computers are still used for some applications, where real time changes of variables and functions can be displayed faster than on a digital machine – you turn a dial or press a button instead of entering the data on a keyboard first.

  7. skitch88 says:

    tanks of mercury? yikes!

  8. dougat says:

    The beginning of unemployment!

  9. michalis42 says:

    klasiko ekpedeftiko komati

  10. ybakos says:

    von Neumann. The last major hard-wired computer was ENIAC. EDVAC and UNIVAC were the first two major von Neumann machines.

  11. darkgreensoldier666 says:

    So univac was wire your own or it was a solution of Von Neumann machine ?

  12. notgay89 says:

    Witchcraft! it is witchcraft! burn the machine or it will rule our lives by means of World of Warcraft!

  13. immuki says:

    bet that could run CRYSIS, because its a badass.

  14. immuki says:

    in 60 years i doubt curriculum will occur at home with the implanted computers in our brains, technology is amazing.

  15. oostermanju says:

    it still takes vista HOURS to do anything -_-

  16. shanehoustein says:

    “univac is practically immune to error”… it must have been better than Windows Vista!

  17. iamandrewssoul says:

    The lesson here, I think, is that however far we think we’ve advanced we’ll still be laughably antiquated to the people who come after us.

  18. sebipayne says:

    “The only requirement now: is that we tell our computer what to do” lol 😀

  19. solidstate0 says:

    It’s interesting to see that the enthusiasm in software construction and planning has all but vanished these days

  20. hankCchinaski says:

    We are going backwards, friends!

  21. msdos622wasfun says:

    Very interesting video. We’ve come a long way since then, but the funny thing is we’ve probably got an even longer way yet to go.

  22. MerleOberon says:

    In 60 years they’ll probably think the same of our computers…..

  23. way2muchenergy says:

    That thing’s HUGE!!! Watching this in 2009, I want to laugh whenever they mention how “high-tech” it is

  24. ragemanchoo82 says:

    I wonder how long it took to get one set up and running? 😛

  25. micahelx28 says:

    it was built for 150,000 but sold retail for 1.2 mil — they sold about 50 of them —

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