Macworld San Francisco 2000-The Mac OS X Introduction (Pt.2)
By request, here is when Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X for the first time ever. I edited the video myself to show the very best moments of the presentation & split it up into 3 parts on account of youtube’s bogus time limit.

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25 Responses to Macworld San Francisco 2000-The Mac OS X Introduction (Pt.2)

  1. mastgrr says:

    lol, he’s talking about Toy Story 2. Toy Story 3 just got released.

  2. TommyBNSF says:

    I noticed that the video is out of sync on my iPod Touch but on my Macbook Pro it works great.

  3. JJDinomiteLives says:

    It’s amazing how the crowd reacts at 5:04, especially when you consider this was merely 10 years ago.

  4. T2norway says:


  5. NDSMASTER8 says:

    OS X 10.1 still looks better than anything offered by Microsoft even today.

  6. Mrwes95 says:

    @Picu97 Yeah I know sync is perfect for me

  7. j800r says:

    @kev00800 sync’s fine for me.

  8. Picu97 says:

    @MegaSkatelover Apple wanted it to be like that but because of users’ request they put it again at left

  9. MegaSkatelover says:

    Notice the apple is in the middle

  10. chilliwilly1000 says:

    he sure love shadows

  11. Jokkemann69 says:

    6:10 boom, boom,! 😀

  12. Athos523 says:

    @Jurassicparkz08 it had it’s problems but what os hadn’t have their fair share?

  13. twistedkatana1 says:

    wow. ten years this OS has been kicking, and i’ve only just started using it for the first time a couple of days ago when i got my first apple machine.

  14. Jurassicparkz08 says:

    OS 9 must have been pretty scary for people to get excited over OS X like that

  15. vantageIIx says:

    @prgwbtd i know what you’re saying lol. i find it hard to believe that just 10 years ago i was playing shockwave games over a dial up connection on my win98 p3 laptop. after i watched this video i was amazed at seeing how advanced this operating system, even though it looks like nothing today, was compared to what i thought was incredible at the time. especially how ugly windows 98 was compared to cheetah’s streamlined interface.

  16. prgwbtd says:

    @vantageIIx I know it was great in comparison back then. It’s just that recently I’ve been thinking about movies that I went to see in the late 90s/early 2000s, and what the world was like at that point in time (because I tend to use movies as marker points in time for whatever reason). It just feels weird that in the year 2000 technology wasn’t more advanced than it was. The last decade has just passed by so fast that I guess I forgot what it was like.

  17. vantageIIx says:

    @prgwbtd it seems less archaic when you compare it to the other oses that were mainly used at the time, especially windows 98

  18. ViewRandomVideos says:

    @kev00800 your mom is out of sync

  19. MachinimaMan141 says:

    Where’s the Dock?

  20. tronjhiem79 says:

    he’s a hydrophile!

  21. cassyfar says:

    It was ultra-beautiful in that times!

  22. stupidbulldog says:

    out of sync..

  23. prgwbtd says:

    WOW…this was in 2000? People are going nuts over insignificant little things in the OS that we don’t even notice today. I know it was revolutionary back then, but it’s really incredible at how archaic operating systems were just 10 years ago. Now the iPhone/iPad OS is changing the way people think of an OS. In 10 years, the iPad will look archaic.

  24. Chris22090 says:

    Yes the audio is off, but the content is what matters

  25. 19cohen says:

    @chilliwilly1000 actually its 4.4 seconds late

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