Mac OS X Leopard on a PC!
Yes, it’s possible, and now it’s easier than ever. Using a retail Leopard DVD, I installed Mac OS X on my PC hardware (self-built computer). This is NOT a Mac machine, it’s a normal PC machine that used to run Vista, but now it runs Mac OS X 10.5.6 (latest updates through Software Update). Check out just how stable it is! Installed Leopard via the BOOT-132 boot loader method (disc swapping method). NO distributions were used, just a retail Leopard DVD. See my tutorial videos: Check out this link: This will NOT work with just any hardware. You need Mac compatible hardware. For a list, check here: If you have problems, you can search for answers and ask questions here: Here’s how I did it: 1) Download a boot-132 CD. You may need one particular to your hardware, especially if you have a JMicron IDE controller like me. Search for boot-132 and download and try them out. Trial and error here, guys. 2) If the above CD works right, you will run through the installation like normal with a RETAIL DVD. I can’t stress that enough, RETAIL DVD. Then, it boots into OS X. 3) Now, you will use the OSX86Tools and EFIStudio programs to setup your booting procedure and to finish installing hardware like the 3D card you have. 4) You will need to hunt down specific stuff for certain hardware. For my ATI Radeon 3870, I had to find a special installation program that installed the specific drivers/kexts. ***IMPORTANT*** Make

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25 Responses to Mac OS X Leopard on a PC!

  1. thejapanesechallenge says:

    @Gutter651 Then you either have to get a USB internet dongle, which can work quite well, or grab a wifi card if your laptop has a card slot, or choose to go without Wifi and go with wired only. Laptops give you limited options.

  2. Gutter651 says:

    @thejapanesechallenge what if it already has a card inside the laptop

  3. ItachinoUchiha says:

    Nice background man!! ookami!!!!!!

  4. jameszambie says:

    could you please tell me what wifi card PCI works native with snow leo?

  5. NamelessNLS says:


  6. thejapanesechallenge says:

    @SuperDbzmaster It depends on the card. You may need to find a KEXT that will make it work. I had a wireless card at one point, but it was a serious pain in the butt to get working.

    I just go with the wire.

  7. SuperDbzmaster says:

    plz help me

    how do u add wireless card drivers

  8. thejapanesechallenge says:


    No, those discs check to make sure the target machine is the intended install machine.

  9. magnustabell says:

    i have the orginal install dvd for mac os x leoprad will that work to install on a pc? i have a mac but it´s broken

  10. thejapanesechallenge says:

    Check out my other videos. Make sure your hardware is compatible. Boot with the -v flag so you can see the last message(s) before the hang.

  11. Jackhanley26 says:

    im stuck on the apple logo and theres no loading wheel can you help??????

  12. 711570 says:

    i have got Compaq pc it has 1 GB RAM and AMD athloan processor so what do you think im able to install it or not and how to install it in a pc still i dont understand

  13. thejapanesechallenge says:

    Just purchase any copy of Mac OS X Leopard, from Apple’s website or a computer store.

  14. thejapanesechallenge says:

    Please do a search on the Insanely Mac forums. There are many links for different motherboards.

  15. thejapanesechallenge says:

    AMd processors are not natively or 100% supported by Apple, since no genuine Apple computer (yet) has an AMD processor. You will run into issues there, and these issues may prevent future updates from being easy or nice.

  16. jplcua18 says:

    Specs: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
    Core Processor 4400+
    2.31 GHz
    1.93 GB of ram

    Should this work?

  17. redtrackspaz says:

    can you send me the download link for the boot-123 download please and thanks! Nice PC

  18. dustonnfoster says:

    nice pc,
    but if your using a retail version you NEED intel processor bro,
    unless you gotta do some hackintosh fun.

  19. IrishTopgun12 says:

    I have my self built Pc with
    8Gb DDR2 800 Mhz Ram
    AMD Phenom II 955 BE @3,4 Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3
    And a 4850 Hd from ATi

    Should this work?

  20. navichana says:

    Hi! friends, can you pl. tell me where to buy the retail mac os 10.5 dvd for intel assembled pc 🙂

  21. thejapanesechallenge says:

    For those who want to put their own machine together, this is literally thousands of dollars cheaper than a Mac Pro. Not only is the base Mac Pro terribly over-priced, but you have to pay exuberant amounts for the nicer RAM (which doesn’t have a cost-benefit ratio) and all other Mac-specific hardware (like graphics cards).

    I literally saved around $2400 for a system that is a good runner-up for the speed of a comparable Mac Pro.

  22. redemth951 says:

    Seeing as how you can buy a PC laptop for $400 cheaper than the cheapest MacBook (With the Same Specs) this is a great alternative if your strapped for cash, but enjoy the Mac OS.

  23. thejapanesechallenge says:

    I have a 2009 MacBook, a 2008 MacBook, and a 2008 iMac. I just recently sold two 2006 iBooks that I owned. With the Hackintosh and my Windows laptop (that I hate), I own in total 5 computers, though the newer MacBook is a work machine only and must be returned if I change jobs.

  24. kimrv says:

    Please. Just buy a new Mac.

  25. dityman says:

    how did you get the nvidia 8800 gt working? i have the same card i used the retail dvd via boot 132. I got my internet and sound working now i just need to get my graphics card working. If you could help me i would appreciate it.

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