Install a Motherboard into a Computer Case
In this video I describe and demonstrate how to install an ATX motherboard into a computer case. Do you need IT certification training? Visit our website for more information @

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25 Responses to Install a Motherboard into a Computer Case

  1. prestonw55 says:

    Every piece of hardware in the computer from the mother board to the graphics card to the sound card to the hard drive has power requirements. All you need is a good power supply. If you are an avid gamer and have a premium motherboard and graphics card then you need at least a true 500w to 800w power supply. Be carefull when choosing a power supply because some are not as powerfull as they claim to be… Stick with the name brands. You get what you pay for.

  2. Storhonta says:

    A question to you!

    Im thinking of getting a new motherboard AND a new graphicscard, im gaming alot so i want a fast Graphicscard and a motherboard that can handle lots of RAM, now, the problem for me is that on the graphicscards specifications theres a “minimum watt” requirement, so, my question really is; Is it the motherboard that handless the watt so that the card runs as it should or how does that work?

  3. lobogris47 says:

    Very good explanation, the first part of the ground and the bronze stands it’s the better, I only see so clear in this video from many others in the tube.

    Thanks and greetings from Mexico city

  4. airfixman1234 says:

    @wakpy you don’t need to but you may get a message up when you boot up windows with the new motherboard saying that a bit of hardware has changed and you need to phone up microsoft.

  5. wobbler1994 says:

    do the plugs come with the board

  6. wakpy says:

    just a quick question… if you change your motherboard, do you need to reinstall windows? assuming my hard drive already have windows installed…

  7. brendude95 says:


    Anti static bracelet, pretty much like a condom?

  8. Win7Tutorials2012 says:

    @McFartyPants they have 4

  9. McFartyPants says:

    I really liked your Tutorial, I’m 14 I ahve built computers and if i ever need halp i will refer to you thanks! Subscibed…

  10. McFartyPants says:

    @Win7Tutorials2012 dont those only got 2 ram slots?

  11. hotdogman199 says:

    i ussually touch a copper heating pipe under the heater and ive never had a problem

  12. Win7Tutorials2012 says:

    i have a micro atx

  13. David279300 says:

    I have tried to install a ASRock P4VM890 Socket 478Intel Motherboard w/ PCI-E 16 into an (2003 purchased) hp pavilion a335w computer. The installion went fine and i got everything plugged in and attached, but when i tried to turn it on, it say not recognized and wants me to restore the computer to the last known settings and when i tried to do that it just goes back to he same thing, and i just put the original motherboard back in. What should i do? or is there any advice/tips you could give me

  14. Strafespar says:

    I wish I could do this for a living 🙂

  15. song0bird says:

    Thanks,I just bought a new computer case.I wasn’t sure how to install.I ordered online,It should be here in a few days.You were a lot of help ty.

  16. eliecervg13 says:

    this video is the best!!!!

  17. khanvict says:

    I gave a “like” to this video. It is clear, succinct, simple, dumby proof. Good job goatee boy.

  18. crownlyx3 says:

    on a case with a screw type i/o shield, can u also place in a snap in i/o shield.

  19. Moozerker says:

    Thank you for this! my new motherboard will come today! =]

  20. twister1997 says:

    great video! But i have one question will a cooler from a dell computer work on a foxconn motherboard?

  21. twister1997 says:

    great video! But i have one question will a cooler from a dell computer work on a foxconn motherboard?

  22. TheGeek1028 says:

    I’ve never seen that cooler for a Socket A/370/7 motherboard. Brand and model?

  23. project0omega says:

    agp? card

  24. aKaTsUkI827 says:

    Don’t you have to check the BIOS or anything ?

  25. whitegold58 says:

    Perfect explanation, 5* =D

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