If the Apple Mac was dominating the market?

lets just imagine apple is dominating the computer market for a sec. wouldnt they have realy good sales and then do horrible because its all 1 operating system, all the same hardware, besides the notebooks and desktops , no competitors like hp and dell. and i get a new computer like every 5 years or so and many people say macs last a lifetime. so wouldnt their only sales be from the people who are rich and are like obsessed with apple. im not claiming a pc is better or a mac is better, i just am wondering what would happen to apple in those times when the sales are most likely very low, would the pc dominate again or what . i think i explained it well but i hope you know what i mean

just an idea


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One Response to If the Apple Mac was dominating the market?

  1. Redeemer says:

    I think it’s better that Apple be successful but not the dominant computer. There needs to be some competition out there, and it sure helps that Microsoft keeps screwing up so that Apple looks better.

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