I have an external hard drive (250 gig). How do i set it up as main memory storage?

Okay, I bought an external hard drive for extra memory cuz my main was getting filled up quick. Now that my main one is full, is there any way to set the external memory as my main memory drive? I just want to know this cuz it gets annoying saying ‘Save to eBook’ instead of just hitting save. Thanks

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7 Responses to I have an external hard drive (250 gig). How do i set it up as main memory storage?

  1. Maurice F says:

    Well, first off, the MEMORY is not a drive. Your drive is storage. Now, you can set up SWAP file memory, which I suppose is a form of memory. But you want to use the large drive as your main drive. I never thought of doing that. I think you might be able to, but I wouldn’t be on it. The thing to do is move a lot of your DATA to the new drive. You can do that using Window Explorer.

  2. ey says:

    On Windows, one way might be to use a tool to edit the “places” bar (the bar on the left of the open/save window that says My Computer, My Documents, etc). Then you can just click on it to go to your drive. I don’t know a (safe) general way to make it always default to the external drive.

  3. StaticInMyHead says:

    You can do that, but in any case, it would be better off putting the 250GB drive in your case. Otherwise, if someone, or even you, unplugged it’s attachment to the computer, Windows would get angry and you’d probably have some issues. In order to transfer the 250GB drive to your case, you’ll need to take the drive out of its enclosure and put it in your computer case. After everything is connected and all drive jumpers are in the right place, you can slowly migrate your old data to the new drive. That’s just a possibility. What I would do is take all of your data and I mean everything..and put it on the 250GB once its in your computer case. The only thing you should keep on the old drive is Windows. That will speed up boot times and pretty much everything while you’re working on your computer. Just my 2c though.

  4. tocktock says:

    you should change the path to your “my own data” folder on the desktop. (under windows)

  5. mattsterchief2005 says:

    Go to microsoft.com and search for power tools and TweakUI.
    In tweakUI you can modify where My Documents points to, and any other named folders like My Music. Just point these to folders on your new big drive, copy the contents of the full drive to the new folders you make on the external drive.
    There’s no way to make the new external drive your new Primary hard drive, unless you ghost the old drive to the new external drive, remove the external drive, put it in your PC, and put your old hard drive in the external case. Even then you might have to do a repair install of Windows
    Good luck

  6. benc says:

    Assuming you’re on Windows, you can remap My Documents onto your external hard drive. Right-click on My Documents, then click Properties. Change the “Target folder location” from, e.g.,

    C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\My Documents

    to something like:


    or whatever your external hard drive is named.

    This will make the default Save location be on the external; it won’t actually move anything you on your original, internal drive. It’s actually a better idea to leave Windows itself on the original, internal drive. My advice is to just keep all your files (music, movies, games, …) on the external.

  7. ICIP says:

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