How to learn to play the keyboard for free?

I got a 61 key keyboard for Christmas, and I’ve always wanted to able to play the piano (keyboard was the next best thing) but I have no way of being able to learn to play it. I can’t get a teacher cause they live 80 miles away and have no way of getting there, so is there anyway I can learn to play the keyboard for free??

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3 Responses to How to learn to play the keyboard for free?

  1. kathleen says:

    OK. I believe you can learn without a teacher. Contact me however you do that and I will seriously work on this for you. First I need to know if you know how to read music at all. We may have to go back to square one. My mother was a music teacher, one of the best in the world. she went to Julliard but other than the fundamental, Teaching Little Fingers to Play we were on our own musically and at one point I was pretty good.

    Not only is your teacher far, but they are fetching a lot of money nowadays. You need to look for people in your area that play and get them to show you some stuff. Remember, they are performers. they love attention.

    Of course, you realize at the gate, that there is only one way to learn anything. And that is by working at it. You don’t sit down with a science text book and know the whole thing by the end of the week. Maybe you might know some by the end of the YEAR, but you have to be ready to practice on mostly every day.

    I won’t even help you unless you are willing to work K

  2. You Just Lost the Game says:

    Youtube. Or i could help…. But i just know techno tunes.

  3. Anna says:


    It’s not free, but it’s very reasonable – why don’t you try an online course of piano lessons?

    I have used one called Rocket Piano and it’s worked for me.

    Click the link to my blog (link below) for my story & feel free to comment.

    You could also try YouTube, but the problem I had with that was there was no structure & I didn’t understand some of the stuff so I got a bit lost.

    Hope that helps


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