How to control your computer mouse with iPod Touch or iPhone (Free App) Comment,Rate,SUBSCRIBE!!! *UPDATE*: 700 views! Thanks guys =]

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25 Responses to How to control your computer mouse with iPod Touch or iPhone (Free App)

  1. Canney89 says:

    workd perfect. thanks:D typing this with my ipod:)

  2. MiGiE1125 says:

    awsome video kid i love you no homo lol

  3. Ip0dMaster1 says:

    @NickToony thanks it worked 🙂

  4. NickToony says:

    @Ip0dMaster1 From the RARLAB download page (Ignore the language packs for now), you need to select the version that best applies to your computer. If you’re running Windows 32bit, go for the 32bit version. 64bit, then get the 64bit version. Simples, no? 😉

  5. Ip0dMaster1 says:

    dude there is no more 3.80 man help please

  6. Kjsc03 says:

    actually uve got 14k views

  7. kokoka852 says:

    do you need wifi for this?

  8. PechiCZ says:

    your IP

  9. yit2525 says:

    i cant do anything because my adminstartor deal has a password and idk the password

  10. crazynuthead9985 says:

    works perfectly

  11. DGMEntertaiment says:

    Hey it works…Thanks lil buddy:-)

  12. Shaken1998 says:

    the gaming squad dosen’t work

  13. jeffhardy20012 says:

    dude shut up !

  14. TheKeissu says:


  15. ChaseGuindon says:


  16. MrsNickJonas0327 says:

    i didnt work!

  17. soraxexe says:

    Thanks man!It worked

  18. HardCoreSmasher says:

    wow that was so hard to c ur gateway annotion>dontshot annotions man ur so smart dumbass

  19. iPodVisioN says:


  20. B4S3B4LLF4N says:

    i freaking love you!
    thank you so much, time to have some fun!

  21. illproductions09 says:

    worked good

  22. sk8in4folife says:

    U guyz should use JumiMouse in stead much faster and no lag also the just updated the free version and now u can view ur computer on ur iPod

  23. solomon911 says:

    way better than buying a wireless mouse

  24. tokyo250 says:

    will this wek fr windows 7?

  25. EvilHappyMeal68 says: works…funny 😀

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