How do you get rid of your operating system and start from scratch?

I had to replace the harddrive on my computer and then I needed to re-install the operating system, however I accidentally installed the operating system for someone else’s computer and now it’s all messed up. I just want to erase all this and start over, but I dont know how.
Any help??

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3 Responses to How do you get rid of your operating system and start from scratch?

  1. MRoblivious1bmf says:

    you use your restore disc or your OS cd/dvd and boot up with it in your drive. then install the os

  2. Encounter 1001 says:

    This procedure demonstrates how to install Windows XP Professional. The procedure to install Windows XP home edition is very similar to the professional edition. Since Windows XP Pro is more advanced operating system, it will be used to demonstrate the installation procedure.

    The best way install Windows XP is to do a clean install. It is not difficult to perform a clean installation. Before you perform the installation I recommend that you check Windows XP Compatibility List to ensure that your hardware is supported by XP. If your hardware is not on the compatibility list you can check your hardware manufactures website to download the drivers for Windows XP. Save all the necessary drivers onto floppy disks or CD before you start the installation.

    All versions of Windows XP CD are bootable. In order to boot from CD/DVD-ROM you need to set the boot sequence. Look for the boot sequence under your BIOS setup and make sure that the first boot device is set to CD/DVD-ROM. You can then perform the following steps to install Windows XP:

    Step 1 – Start your PC and place your Windows XP CD in your CD/DVD-ROM drive. Your PC should automatically detect the CD and you will get a message saying “Press any key to boot from CD”. Soon as computer starts booting from the CD your will get the following screen:

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Step 2 – At this stage it will ask you to press F6 if you want to install a third party Raid or SCSI driver. If you are using a an IDE Hard Drive then you do not need to press F6. If you are using a SCSI or SATA Hard drive then you must press F6 otherwise Windows will not detect your Hard Drive during the installation. Please make sure you have the Raid drivers on a floppy disk. Normally the drivers are supplied on a CD which you can copy to a floppy disk ready to be installed. If you are not sure how to do this then please read your motherboard manuals for more information.

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Step 3 – Press S to Specify that you want to install additional device.

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Step 4 – You will be asked to insert the floppy disk with the Raid or SCSI drivers. Press enter after you have inserted the disk.

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Step 5 – You will see a list of Raid drivers for your HDD. Select the correct driver for your device and press enter.

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Step 6 – You will then get a Windows XP Professional Setup screen. You have the option to do a new Windows install, Repair previous install or quit. Since we are doing a new install we just press Enter to continue.

    Windows XP Screenshot – Click to enlarge

    Next – How to install Windows XP Page 2

  3. jfrank44 says:

    You can do a low level format and reload the whole thing afterwards.

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