How do I defragment the hard disk drive?

How in the world do I defragment the hard disk drive so that I can make my computer faster? Give me specific details on directions on where and how do I boost up the disk drive better. And how often do I do that?

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6 Responses to How do I defragment the hard disk drive?

  1. meaganicole says:

    Defragment and not defraging your computer is not much different.
    Its to make your folders neat and tidy thats all.
    Only the proccessors speed thats all, unless your hard drive is 15000rpm,

  2. ? says:

    go to start, programs, accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter for Windows XP that is. If you have a different systems, go start, help and type in defragment. It should give you directions.

  3. computer doctor says:

    A defrag will not make your computer any faster. Physical hardware is what makes a computer faster. Upgrading the CPU, RAM or front side bus speed (via a new motherboard usually) is the only way you can speed things up. A defrag only rearranges your files to make access to them easier. However, to defrag, double click on the My Computer icon. This opens up the drive window view screen. Right click on the “C” drive and select Properties. Click on the Tools tab, and the defrag wizard is there.

  4. Joseph R says:

    for Windows XP:
    Click the start button & choose
    Then open
    Open “System tools”
    Scroll down to “Disk Defragmenter”

    You can then defragment your “C” drive, as well as any other hard drives attached to your PC.

    Though this is for XP, other Windows operating systems are similar

  5. kis says:

    first goto control panel->performanace&maintanence
    then select administrative tools
    then select computer management
    and select disk fragmentfrom there
    and select your disk which u want to defragment
    and click on defragment button……..

  6. fourchordwonder says:

    If you’re working on a PC, this video might help. It gives a few steps you can take to make your computer run faster. Good luck!

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