How can I get rid of microsoft windows 7?

My friend who lives with us has Microsoft Windows 7 but everyone else in my house has Windows Vista. Her internet doesn’t work and I think that might fix it.

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11 Responses to How can I get rid of microsoft windows 7?

  1. Shae S says:

    You will have to reformat her computer using the Vista Reinstall disk that came with it.

  2. Mlgprojoey says:

    If you format your hardrive,
    Or delete the partition which 7 is installed on

  3. comtech391 says:

    Are we talking Wireless or hard wired through the NIC card? Check the network setting of both to see if they are enabled. Does her computer have the drivers to support the hardware installed in her computer? You should be able to check what is missing, opening control panel, opening system and find device manager.

  4. NiNja 322619 says:

    Unfortunately, Windows 7 is still in it’s beta stages. That means there is a lot of bugs, and things can go seriously wrong at any time. Windows 7 should have come with a ‘reinstall vista/xp’ disk. Pop that into your computer, and reboot. Upon init, there should be a quick button press that will get you into BIOS or a boot menu. For BIOS, set your cd drive to the first boot. For the boot menu, just scroll down to your cd drive with the arrow keys on your keyboard and press enter. The CD should load and a temporary OS from the CD will start and it should guide you the process of reinstalling Vista.

  5. cen says:

    a) You’re jumping the gun. That’s like killing a fly with a cannon.

    Try to diagnose the problem before reinstalling her operating system. If she can tell you what’s wrong, then you can tell us what’s wrong and we can try to help.

    b) If you really do want to wipe the disk and install a different operating system, then you can simply insert the installation disc for whatever replacement operating system you choose (eg. Windows XP, Vista, etc). If the machine doesn’t boot from it automatically, you’ll need to set 1st boot priority to CD/DVD-ROM in BIOS.

    If you decide that rather than try to fix this issue, which, by the way, is about as minor an issue as you could possibly have, then, at the very least, you may want to try installing the new operating system on a separate partition, so that your friend doesn’t have to format the partition that Windows 7 is on. Any partitioner will be able to resize the Windows 7 partition for you and create a new one for the replacement OS, but if you don’t already have a preferred partitioner , I’d suggest gparted:

  6. jzaq16 says:

    I’m running windows seven and the everything, including the internet works fine. I’d get some help trying to figure out what’s wrong with her setup before deleting a great operating system. Just me, though!

  7. The Thinker says:

    Just reinstall whatever operating system you like, make sure that you format over the partition that had windows 7 on it. If you want a free operating system that is fairly easy to use (if vista is too much $$ right now for the person), try ubuntu. I have been using it for some time now and it works quite well on most machines. The main drawback is lack of games like windows has, as well as the fact that when you go into a store and buy a piece of hardware, the driver disc will be for windows; not ubuntu. If you want something to get you running though, and get on the internet, ubuntu is a great alternative.

  8. Steven says:

    I really doubt the problem is with Windows 7

    Windows 7 is so similar to Vista it can even use Vista drivers

  9. 16k-zx81 says:

    yeah too many panic reactions.

    Just check device manager to make sure that the wireless device is recognised. If not, get drivers (vista drivers should work)

    If it is recognised make aure the machine has a valid WEP key

  10. Yeti says:

    You’d have to fully install over it, which would be a major pain…. AND it’s almost certainly *NOT* the problem with the internet connection.

    There’s far more likely an issue with a security setting being too high, her not having the password for the wireless network entered on her computer, etc.

    Don’t go messing with her operating system or even thinking that’s the problem. I’d check the Network settings on her computer via the Network and Sharing options you can find via the Control Panel. You need to figure out if her computer can see what’s assumably a wireless network first. If her computer sees it but can’t connect, that’s one thing. If she can’t even see the wireless network that’s going to be another.

    Anyway, you almost certainly have a network issue, not an issue with an operating system or Windows 7. I’d check the network settings on her computer and ask another, better question regarding networking if you still need to.

  11. Lily says:

    It is still in Beta.
    You can check this link for some tips ans techniques on windows7

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