Gigabyte EX58 EXtreme Motherboard
The EX58-EXTREME is the latest high performance X58 Series motherboards of GIGABYTE, designed from the ground up to unleash the awesome power of Intels new Core i7 processors. Up to 3 VGA cards are supported for either 3 way CrossFireX™ or 3 way SLI™ action, delivering the ultimate in graphics performance for gaming enthusiasts who demand the highest frame rates without compromising on resolution

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25 Responses to Gigabyte EX58 EXtreme Motherboard

  1. FantasyX3I says:

    @waackomann omg you are so right i only watch his reviews he is just the best

  2. strandwolf says:

    @waackomann Huh? Anyone here remember SAM? That was someone to love.

  3. itsmeadrian1234 says:

    @KnallGnom shut up. at least he’s better than you

  4. KnallGnom says:

    we want logan not this faggot ///LOGAN FTW!!!!///

  5. Kamenos4ever says:

    @waackomann absolutely incedible! LOL

  6. Eirwan95 says:

    @hasaniguy i do…..

  7. paperbachwriter1 says:


  8. azraaell says:

    where do i get an internal spdif cable for my xfx 790i mobo to my gtx 260?

  9. ferblackman says:

    @KILLACAMFOO because he get paid for it …

  10. hasaniguy says:

    Why do manufacters put so much USB’s in their Mobo’s.
    I mean it’s not like your going to use ALL of them at the same time or something!

  11. Arjun007ize says:

    nice one

  12. icguilty says:

    overclock cut off the product life?????????????. well thatif u do a bad overclock. great sound card. realtek or sound blaster. jajajajajajja nice joke. memory controller with huge lactancies. high wattage use. thank i dnt buy sht!.

  13. icguilty says:

    wht r u saying???????. qpi is sht. only half micro speed, half duplex, 20 sucks. maximum 667 ddr depends on wht micro intel r using

  14. shadowville005 says:

    i have a better one x58a- ud7

  15. HOTSTUDMUFFIN4649 says:

    that clear com buttom is totally unnecessary have there would it?
    FDD is finished manufacturing, wonder y they keep putting them on, and IDE. We are on SATA2 now for god sake. It’s just degrading the highend aspects.
    They should step in the next generation.
    It’d be nice if dis MB covers USB3.0.

  16. Angelinfiniti03 says:

    is very good, but with all that capacity would have to occupy only the only people who are dedicated himself to what would be the graphic design that for a normal person would have it I do not think I could fill all its capacity and with such power with a large processor and 18 GB of RAM is a lot for an ordinary person

  17. ribak1983 says:

    Albert the ide conector is pointles but flopy is not you can do a lot of programing with flopy ,like gpu bios flash or flashing your bios on the motherbord,because when you flash your bios thru the flopy it does not make any erors as the in side windows utility so keep thet in mind,Thenks Gigabyte for including flopy conector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. r1ccardo says:

    do i really need a nobo like this? does it make a difference?

  19. KILLACAMFOO says:


  20. justin4785 says:

    FKIN i gonna buy this

  21. 8RyoSan8 says:


  22. 8RyoSan8 says:

    @carchis This board is 2 years old….

  23. carchis says:

    no USB 3.0????????????????? how sad!!!!!!

  24. AznUnboxer says:

    can i use this with 3 way GTX 480?

  25. AGuyWithDownsyndrome says:

    wot is system32 a new bord?

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