Get A Clean Computer Case By Wiping Down Often

Do you use your computer on quite a bit during the course of the day; keeping it on for many hours at a time, or possibly never even switching it off? Does your tower set on a desk, or does it sit on the floor? These are a couple questions you should consider, and then consider how dirty your computer is, both inside and out.You’re probably aware that the rear of your desktop computer has a fan built in the power supply. This fan is included to help the internal parts from overheating. The CPU throws off a lot of heat, and so the fan will help keep it a bit more stable. If you see a lot of dust and it would seem the fan is not moving swiftly, it is most likely full of dust and will need to be cleaned. Realize too, that if you find dust in the fan, and the fan is blowing air in the actual tower, then it is also blowing dust and dust particles to the internal parts of the computer. Computer cleaning needs to be something that you do frequently. We will explain a bit on the way to clean the inside and clean the computer case as well.First thing to do for the computer cleaning would be to power it off and unplug it. Make certain the fan is not moving. Next step, is to use a can of compressed air which includes the long straw like adapter and blow as much of the dust from the fan as you can. Do it a couple times to be sure there is no clogs. If you feel confident, open your tower case. Many these days do not have screws they just slip off. Make use of the canned air and blow out as much of the dust as possible. You may then wipe off the internal parts using a soft anti-static cloth.When you are sure that all internal parts are clean and there is no left over dust floating around, close your case. Now you will want to have a clean computer case. You can wipe down the outer parts of your tower with rubbing alcohol and water mixture (50/50). Of course be sure you have switched it off and unplugged.By continuing to keep a clean computer both inside and out, you will likely add a bit more time to the lifespan o f the CPU as well as the power supply. You really should notice an overall better functionality and even notice less noise once all the dust has been removed. You need to try to do this procedure once every two to three months.

Computer Cleaning is necessary to avoid overheating, it can cause a slow computer find out how to clean it by visiting Computer Too Slow.

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