EVGA GeForce 9600 GT Video Card — Superclocked

Go to tiger.tv for more information. The EVGA NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT Superclocked 512MB graphics card offers a powerfully immersive entertainment experience designed for high-definition gaming and video playback. Play the hottest Microsoft® DirectX® 10 games with awesome speed and watch the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc® movies with brilliant clarity, powered by the revolutionary PureVideo® HD engine. Couple two EVGA NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT graphics cards together with an NVIDIA nForce® motherboard for an optimal graphics platform, giving you the gaming horsepower to handle the most demanding games with NVIDIA SLI® technology. With the EVGA NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT, amazing graphics performance is now within your reach.

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25 Responses to EVGA GeForce 9600 GT Video Card — Superclocked

  1. magichatake says:

    Geforce 9600GT 31 fps on crysis with1920x1200 resolution? This is a lie! I have this video board and the game here is not even averaging 28 frames. What the Fuck specification of this computer they have played?

  2. sfak94 says:

    @OMAHA2231 i? have like a 5 year old computer should i? buy a new one or upgrade it

  3. OMAHA2231 says:

    @sfak94 I recommend the NVIDIA GTS450 card 🙂 Its got 1gb of gddr5 ram and tones of cores to run your games silky smooth. As for power well my friend todays cards require no less than 400W of power. If you live here in the USA check out microcenter(.).com. I just got a 700W power supply for $55 and the card runs for about $150 on the same site. Hope this helped

  4. sfak94 says:

    Hey guys i have a HPpavilion a1560n im trying? to upgrade it by buying windows 7, GX-750w-cooler master, and a radeon HD 5750, SHould i upgrade the computer or just buy a new one?

    thank you (trying to turn it into a gaming comp)

  5. sfak94 says:

    Hey can some one help me please
    I have a windows XP and im looking to buy a graphics card for games i have 300w of power supply in my computer please recomend a graphics card in the 80~150 dollar range and one that will work for windows xp and 300w

  6. gamezgamezgamez360 says:

    the guy looks like bam margera

  7. XzcutioneR2 says:

    can my 460watt and 20amps on +12volt rail be able to run 512 version of this card ?

  8. 123ilikecheese456 says:

    @GlycerinZ bitch lol jk

  9. GlycerinZ says:

    @123ilikecheese456 I just got mine for $30 😀

  10. haikaelong says:

    nice hair bud….

  11. oxbadcoded says:

    compare that card to crysis lol its funny how companies keep brining out cards its fucking wierd its like they can make a card that would last 10 years but keeping it slow to make more money pisses me off they keep brining out cards every few months!

  12. Elena9545 says:

    Wow. =/ My computer is only a little over three years old, but it can only support DDR2. >.> And how old is this card? What, two years? So… That means my computer model almost became obsolete for medium / high-end gaming one year after its release date. And this is a “medium-end” card? Get outta’ here. What, do I need to travel into the future to buy a PC capable of supporting a “high-end” one? Jesus Christ.

  13. Arjun007ize says:

    Hey dud owesome vedio, Could you please suggest me which mobo’ll be best for crysis with c2duo e7500.My budget for mobo is 200$.
    and also could you please suggest me for a good graphic card my budget for graphic card is 54$.Thanks again.

  14. L00peey says:

    lol 200 bucks.. now u can get a 5770 or gtx 465 for 200 bucks

  15. 123ilikecheese456 says:

    @TheOnePistol amizone or what ever its called

  16. TheOnePistol says:

    @123ilikecheese456 were did u go to get urs for $50

  17. shortway444 says:

    @changosboli his hair look funny man lol this guy is funny lol xD

  18. Fastlife86 says:

    can the 9600gt fit in the hp e5400 all in one computer

  19. ImEatingRiCE says:

    @changosboli hey watch your mouth, its Logan, the famous reviewer. LOL

  20. 123ilikecheese456 says:

    i got my for 50$

  21. TheBlitz1 says:


    Yer, I get where your coming from, but i’m saying that in order to see which does better – you have to play a graphically demanding game, or the fps rates wont accurately reflect the maximum capability of the card being tested, and wow just isnt a very demanding engine. The whole purpose of a benchmarking tool is to strain the card to its maximum ability, thats why on guru3d, hardocp, and PC-Perspective they never ever test WOW or any other low quality games like that.

  22. fasterthansound101 says:

    @TheBlitz1 i can understand that but there are some cards that compete with this and i would like to see which does bettter

  23. TheBlitz1 says:

    @fasterthansound101 yeah but they don’t use it as a benchmark because it has a really old obsolete engine that doesn’t properly utilize the features of modern graphics cards.

  24. fasterthansound101 says:

    @TheBlitz1 wow is a fun and addicting game that billions of people play, and there are some people you dont have good graphics cards for themselves and they want more than just crysis, unreal tournament 3, half-life 2 for examples >_>

  25. TheBlitz1 says:

    @fasterthansound101 1. wow sucks and has no advanced shader architecture, its a really basic engine and would not be a good benchmarking tool like the cryengine or dunia engine would be. 2. tigerdirect no longer does any good product showcases, now they showcase shitty laptops and useless products nobody wants

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