Computer Hardware : How to Connect 2 Monitors to 1 Computer
Connect two monitors to one computer by making sure the computer has a video card that supports two monitors, installing DDI inputs for each monitor and running the software to get things started. Configure two monitors on a computer in any manner that suits your needs with help from a computer specialist in this free video on computer monitors.

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25 Responses to Computer Hardware : How to Connect 2 Monitors to 1 Computer

  1. redghost105 says:

    @tallica111 how much does the video card cost for 2 moniters to be pluged in?

  2. maztah001 says:

    Just plug in the damn cables!
    Is it that hard?

  3. tallica111 says:

    @asle97 you’re cool bro

  4. NoschoolNorules says:

    How do you connect 2 moniters so that you can play video games and it shows on both screens?

  5. asle97 says:

    @arsy123 My dad got 5 Lol

  6. imM1K3yB0ii8408 says:

    @arsy123 to broadcasst / some people need it for that

  7. reactor4music says:

    @arsy123 just for the fun basically.. but for music producers and visual designers its more of a tool than the fun itself thus in order to run 2 or more softwares at the same time without the need of resizing the windows all the time.Its just easier to work.

  8. BoomBrush says:

    how do you have 2 different pictures on the desktop? i have two monerters now but when i go to change it it changes both of them

    help somebody!

  9. magesc says:

    do they both need the same port?

  10. arsy123 says:

    why do people need 2 monitors?

  11. mydadcankillurs says:

    @RandomWad yep

  12. RandomWad says:

    How do I connect 3 monitors to 1 computer? Would I have to find a new video card with 3 total inputs?

  13. mijntube12 says:

    @eFiii9 Thanks!
    I managed to put 2 monitors on 1 computer after watching this video!
    Thanks again! =)

  14. eFiii9 says:

    @mijntube12 Yes, why else would they put it there? Well are the two connections the same like are they both dvi or vga or hdmi or or they two different ones like one is dvi and the other is vga and so on? they would have to be the same i think.

  15. mijntube12 says:

    So, i look at the back of my comupter and i see 2 monitor connecion things does that mean my video card can like handle 2 monitors?

  16. octivia says:

    Wanna make two slices of toast, instead of one? I’m gonna tell you how you can have both slices of toast without breaking the bank and buying a second toaster. What you’ll need is some bread and a dual-slice toaster. I cannot stress this enough – you’ll want to ask the sales clerk for a DUAL-SLICE toaster. It’s also vitally important that the toaster has a 2 pin power plug (if you’re in the US) and is designed to run on electricity.

    More of the same next week.

  17. Zaidalboy says:

    it depends on your Operating System ( XP, Vista, Windows 7) but generally speaking you will need to adjust the settings to make them extend to each other OR to duplicate or clone each other and that’s how you do it

  18. isthatmine1 says:

    Why would someone want to do this? for example

  19. tehklutzking says:

    Uhh No actually some motherboards come with onboard graphics and 2 video outputs.

  20. produccionesmiranejo says:

    hey i have the same mixer XD

  21. reixo says:

    1. It doesn’t have to be a pci-e card.
    2. can also work dual vga (don’t know if there are dual vga-s, in that case vga and a dvi)

  22. enyeny7077 says:

    your a champ cheers!

  23. korea7891 says:

    How to connect 2 monitors at dell. i have real old version of dell.

  24. 1964GuitarCovers says:

    @slimjimeth you probably have to go into your video card setting to enable the 2nd moniter,,

  25. slimjimeth says:

    HELP , i have 2 monitors everything is hooke dup etc but my second monitor says no signal and is just black , it wont respond or anything 😦 please its annoying me =/

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