Computer Hard-Drive – How It Works
This is a really cool demo on the inside of a computer hard drive with a pretty simple explanation on how it works.

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25 Responses to Computer Hard-Drive – How It Works

  1. veilx says:

    Looks amazing, huh? But this is actually considered to be old technology. It’s all about SSD’s now ;D

  2. GMCPLDarkBlade says:

    fap fap fap

  3. paperbachwriter1 says:

    Is it possible to have two arms

  4. BlackvvvFist says:

    I came

  5. CameronDuong1997 says:

    Geek Boner

  6. IsaiahJanuary says:

    Hahahaha, masturbation.

  7. ColdFire097 says:

    Very nicely done, thx.

  8. chrishajduk84 says:

    fail “Break” “The Funniest Videos Online”

  9. Messerschmitt262a2a says:

    where did you get this cover?

  10. GlycerinZ says:

    yeah he didn’t have a girlfriend cuz i’m sure he had like 3 haha

  11. new2lw says:

    Search youtube for “liquid helium overclock” . CPUs heat up the higher the frequency, so the counter is obviously cooling it, the cooler you can make it the faster you can overclock without overheat and breaking.

  12. new2lw says:

    And then after he designed it he had enough money for a bunch of girlfriends at the same time, you know to catch up on what he missed n everathing. Seriously though, cool video.

  13. ronimacarroni says:

    The guy who invented the hard drive was Reynold Johnson. He started out as a science teacher, but later got hired by IBM and was married with 3 kids.

  14. moviesunrated says:


  15. creamyfilling102 says:

    whoever the hell thought of this and figured out how to make it obviously didn’t have a girlfriend. good lord.. back and forth and back and forth. computers are complicated.

  16. fronkenpoop says:

    That’s all well and good, unless your hard drive has become a “brick”.

  17. GamersDesire says:

    that was funny

  18. Fitfatfoofite says:

    My Computer illiterate friend, please…Get out.

  19. jorganbonstrangler says:

    shut the fuck up

  20. markopalma says:

    damn that’s fast…

  21. revorocks123 says:

    @BeeefyBeast There is technically, depends which CPU. But you will never get there without the use of LN2 or liquid helium 🙂

    Most CPU’s will be fine below -100C.

    They can get pretty frosty before you encounter problems, well, having said frosty, the biggest danger of sub zero temperatures is condensation, which is why phase change cooling has heating elements around the CPU socket to stop the buildup of moisture.

  22. BeeefyBeast says:

    is there a limit to the lowest temp for the cpu? what i always thought is the lower the temp the better performance you could squeeze out of it

  23. Paiste402 says:

    now i understand the noises the older computers make! Its that servo arm going bonkers inside picking up the data!

  24. someoneN00B says:

    lol, all i was thinking if u put finger in there

  25. comedymaker1 says:

    that is amazing on how our technology change within the first computer ever made

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