Christmas Villages-Another 5 Great Locations for your Village Display

So you still have not decided where to display your new collectible Christmas village this next holiday season.  Or maybe you are just tired of setting up your current display in the same expected location year after year and are looking for that ultimate new location to showcase your Department 56, Lemax, or other village collectibles.  Grab a notepad and pen, because you may find your creative talents energized and anxious to be put to use when you hear about these 5 great locations for your village display.

Before I suggest the following possible locations for your Christmas village, it is important to remember that the viewability of your village is affected greatly by the space you have available.  Never being a fan of displaying every single piece in my collection just for the sake of unpacking them out of mothballs, I always recommend striving for visual impact in a display over showing the quantity of a collection.  For that reason alone, you can consider the following locations to place smaller vignettes, or groupings of your village collectibles to create more visually impacting village settings.   

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for possible locations to display your village.  You may even have a few of your own that suit your home even better.  The key thing is to take some time and consider the visual impact you can achieve rather than just lining up your collection end to end. 

Merry Christmas!

Stephen Baird is an author, villagescape artisan, and founder-owner of the popular and well respected Christmas display firm Village Fantasies, designers of animated and life like Harvest and Christmas villages for commercial clients. If you are a business that would like to attract more foot traffic during the holidays, or you would just love to enjoy the artisan work of Stephen, please visit our site.

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