ASUS P6T DeLuxe – X58 motherboard
Introducing ASUS’ approach to Intel’s brand new X58 chipset, the Asus P6T DeLuxe X58 Motherboard has all the essentials you need to back a worthwhile system. Being rated positively among gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers alike, the P6T DeLuxe delivers performance across a broad spectrum of goodies. Features such as, both L2 and L3 cache, and an integrated memory controller makes this an important buy this season!

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25 Responses to ASUS P6T DeLuxe – X58 motherboard

  1. luckluckki says:

    48 seconds ago

    Now in India Burnt and corrison warranty on all motherboard.? ASUS Elite service


  2. asdfghjklminiura says:

    @raheemisbad should, as long as its a LGA1366 socket

  3. Redraptorxx says:

    would it be ok to use dual channel memory on this mobo?

  4. omgitsdefault says:

    @MrStevenn21 Yes, Just make sure you buy 2 Nvidia 3D gaming supported cards.

  5. MrStevenn21 says:

    ok i have this board can i upgrade my cpu to the Intel i7 980X Extreme 6 Core Gulftown 3.33GHz? can i run 3 1080p 3d ready monitors on it for 3d gaming?

  6. Marron077 says:

    will it support core i7 930?

  7. omgmodding says:

    @raheemisbad You are stupid.
    Its 1366 right?
    So it will work with a 1366 board 😛

  8. steven4570 says:

    @ChocolateNinjaStar some people have alot of money and want hard drive speed

  9. moeedaasem says:

    @Marnor123 Terrabytes? Not so soon!!!!!!!!

  10. smoogs12 says:

    @raheemisbad yes

  11. raheemisbad says:


    WILL A Intel Core i7 930 (BLOOMFIELD) work with this motherboard

  12. VaiographyCA says:

    @patpat070 i think he uses it to store porn in HDor Blueray….lulz

  13. MmhGanja says:

    @patpat070 someone sounds jalouxx because he doesnt have enough TB

  14. stoney101ify says:

    u talk to much buddy.

  15. Mr19RockStar91 says:

    wich one is better?
    1: P6T SE
    2: P6T DELUXE
    3:P6T X58

  16. flavioscorpions says:

    P6T-SE mac leopard installation :


  17. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    Air cooling was here: enjoy destroying your computer.

  18. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    Flip a fucking table, I’m done. There’s no saving you.

  19. patpat070 says:

    @zayres29 you are clearly mentally ill if you think you need any more then 1.5tb of storage, unless you store copies of every youtube video ever made… and on top of that 2tb storage you have four SSD’s? you crazy fool, you need to be slapped.

  20. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    @zayres29 Fuck, you’re dumb. I’m just going to stop trying to save you.

  21. zayres29 says:

    i have 2 1tb WD black hdd as well

  22. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    Then you have around 128GB of storage. I paid a total of $160.00 USD for a 32GB SSD, and a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD in M/S boot. I get the same performance as you do with the added bonus of around nine times the storage space and half the price. This is where you failed.

  23. zayres29 says:

    no i didnt i paid a little over 300 for all of them thanks

  24. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    “HURR DURR they’re not intel,” doesn’t change the fact that you paid the same price it would take to build a respectably modernized computer for STORAGE DRIVES. Learn something about master/slave boot configuration, THEN build your own computer. Also, don’t “in case you didn’t know” me. I’m not the one sucking Patriot’s pecker right now.

  25. ChocolateNinjaStar says:

    @patpat070 Oh god, this.

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