#42 – Question/Answer: Best Operating System for Gaming

Q. What’s the best operating system for gaming; Linux, MAC or Microsoft Windows? A. The best operating system for gaming would be Microsoft Windows. Go with Windows XP if you have an older computer system with a DirectX9 compatible video card. Go with Microsoft Windows Vista if you have a fast computer system with a DirectX10 compatible video card.

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25 Responses to #42 – Question/Answer: Best Operating System for Gaming

  1. Gorowara says:

    Windows XP sp3 is the best

  2. nullpointer66 says:

    vista sucks

  3. FALLOUT3bitch says:

    @dennyaaa i meant was a better ALL AROUND os i would have to agree that win 7 has a better game support but that shitty win live and all that agravating shit but i practically live on computers so i know windows 7 inside and out so and yes to answer your question if ubuntu fedora wtf ever is a better gaming choice IF IT HAD THE SUPPORT but thats my opinion and yes i was rather flared up at windows at the time

  4. kornholioa says:

    @FALLOUT3bitch you are the noob, linuix is great, but windows 7 is the best operating system out there, as long as you dont start talking about mac ill be happy because we all know mac sucks

  5. schmidtbag says:

    i’m an extensive linux user and even i don’t think its a good choice for gaming. i’m not surprised it took you that long to find out how to play warcraft 3 – one of the issues with linux is theres no good or official documentation to help start you out, typically you have to fend for yourself. btw i’d switch to something different – ubuntu is really starting to suck lately. if you want something easy, use mint. thats heading is a good direction

  6. KnightVista says:

    @kubuxx1551 Windows 7

  7. KnightVista says:

    @MissRLA This video was released before Windows 7 was even mentioned >.>

  8. IngloriousSob says:


  9. dennyaaa says:


    So your saying, that even without native gaming support, Linux (Ubuntu) would be a better option right out of the box? Since I have just installed it, and it took me nearly 2 hours of finding software just to run Warcraft 3… but yhea, overall it seems like a better OS, just not for pure gaming performance 🙂

  10. FALLOUT3bitch says:

    fuck 7 if your willing to do a little work linux is better os all around but you pc noobs dont want to bother so you suck bill gates dick there i said it i went there oh hell dont get me started on this shit

  11. JERB69s says:

    @MissRLA Windows 7 is great, I highly reccomend you give it a try at your local best buy, or other electronic stores.

  12. MadeiraLion says:

    I agree.

  13. Ortegala says:

    Windows 7 and XP is the best for gaming, just make sure to get 64-bit
    I repeat!!!!! 64-bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. SilverJigProductions says:

    @visionimagify I think that’s a good idea. =] Haha. I don’t know, I still love XP, it’s just really starting to feel outdated, to me anyways.. I think we can all agree that almost anything is better than Vista though. xD

  15. visionimagify says:

    @SilverJigProductions I was thinking about windows 7 next year when I build another computer.

  16. SilverJigProductions says:

    @Joshay25 To be safe.. maybe, but Windows 7 is commonly used on Netbooks that have 1Gb of RAM. Microsoft doesn’t lie in the requirements. =P

    Also, how can you call Windows 7 new.. I’d understand if that post was when he/she originally asked like 6 months ago or whatever.. but three weeks ago 7 was not new.. xD It’s VERY stable and very secure now, I never have crashes or any virus/spy-ware problems. (I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 86x)

  17. SilverJigProductions says:

    @lolyjoly123 No, I’d say Windows 7.. doesn’t really matter what version of it as long as it’s not “Starter” Haha. =P

  18. SilverJigProductions says:

    @visionimagify Then you’re really missing out..

    Unless you’re not into gaming and you don’t care what your operating system looks like, and you don’t mind having a user interface that’s 3 generations old, and it really shows. =P
    Vista sucks, Windows 7 is amazing.

  19. ZombeTheImmortal says:

    Windows 7 64bit SP1. Best choice for gaming.

  20. DevilGene66 says:

    @MissRLA this video was uploaded before windows 7 was released. Because vista was such an embarrassment for microsoft (like the iphone 4 is for apple), windows 7 is everything vista should have been, go for windows 7.

  21. MissRLA says:

    @KeskasidvarGaming Yeah I know it wasnt out yet. I was asking the guy who made the video if windows 7 is better than xp for gaming.

  22. MissRLA says:

    @ps3pitos You’re so stupid. I was obviously asking the dude who made the video.

  23. KeskasidvarGaming says:

    @MissRLA this was made in 08, there was no Win7 at this time

  24. julko6070 says:

    @MissRLA i have both… i have to say 7 is a bit slow in my opinion.. but it kinda depends on your system : /

  25. RandomPCGuy says:

    This is GAY

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