Why does my computer mouse not work properly?

Does anyone know why my computer mouse doesn’t roll easily? Do I need a new one or can this one be easily fixed?

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8 Responses to Why does my computer mouse not work properly?

  1. PinkKIllerBunny says:

    You need to buy a new one.
    They’re pretty cheap.
    $20 max, 10-15 for a cheap one

  2. ? says:

    it needs to be cleaned. the little wheels inside get dust on them. just buy a new one,you daddys got$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. irrevocablexenophile says:

    open up the case, spins off. Take out the ball, and with a knife or small screwdiver take out all the nasty gunk off the rollers. Then just put the cap back on.

  4. Asherael says:

    it’s broken. get a new one. mouses (this is how you spell the one on the computer) are cheap, and easy to replace. especially if you have a ball mouse. get a laser mouse, they’re worth it, they last forever.

  5. Jamie W says:

    If your mouse has a ball on teh bottom, it is probably just dirty. Turn the dial around the mouse, it should have arrows to show which way to turn it. Next turn over the mouse and the dial and ball should come out. Take a papertowel and wet it with hot water and use it to clean the ball. Now look inside the mouse itself, you will see three rollers, they are probably dirty and have dirt gunked on them. Using your nail just scrap that dirt off. It should come off fairly easy. Now put the ball back in, lock the dial back in place and you should be good to go. I try to clean out my mouse every couple of months.

    Saying all this though, you can go and get a new ir mouse, they have been ariound for a number of years now, and they dont have any moving parts(no ball on the bottom) and so dont have to be cleaned.

    Oh, and if you have an IR mouse now, then its time to get a new one. They are pretty cheap, around 20 bucks for a standard, 50 for a fancy.

  6. JaM says:

    maybe it’s already time to buy a new mouse…

  7. justcallstephen says:

    A mouse with balls! – sorry a ball, that is so last century.

    Buy a new mouse, they are cheap.

  8. Chris M says:

    If its a ball mouse: Flip it over, open the little cover and take out the ball. Clean the ball with soap and water and make sure its dry. Clean out the socket where the ball goes by using a swab and some alcohol. Clean the rollers and remove any dust and debris you find in there. Then put it back together. Make sure you use a mouse pad with plenty of traction.

    If its an optical mouse, you might have trouble with the surface of the desk or mouse pad. As a test, you can use a sheet of plain white paper or a legal pad. See if the mouse moves better that way. If so, you just need to use a different mousing surface. I sometimes use a paper pad when I’m traveling because I can write on it and use it as a mouse pad.

    I recommend that you upgrade to an optical mouse if you don’t already have one. They’re much nicer than ball mice.

    E-mail me if you have trouble. I’ll try to help you if I can.

    Good luck.

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