QI (Quite interesting) – Stephen Fry about Windows and Microsoft

Stephen Fry talks about Windows and Microsoft products. From QI Vodcasts for season 5. (Parts that didn’t make it to TV)

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25 Responses to QI (Quite interesting) – Stephen Fry about Windows and Microsoft

  1. blenderpanzi says:

    @Jiggles262 He’s a Apple fanboy who appreciates GNU.

  2. shepshepshep says:

    Stephen, what are you really angry about?

  3. shepshepshep says:

    Stephen, wat are you really angry about?

  4. Fatheed666 says:


    Sigh. Try actually researching stuff before making stupid comments. The computer mouse wasn’t invented till 1952. Before that there was the first programmable computer (1936-1938), the first digital computer (1937) and the first stored program computer (1949), not to mention important ones such as the Colossus Computer.

  5. neon012345 says:

    “I have used PCs and Macs since before the mouse was invented”
    And I’ve driven cars since before the wheel was invented.

  6. svenhardini says:

    I love the fact you guys are defending a line of computers. Wonderful.

  7. SethKTheGr8 says:

    @DemonAmongTheAngels Are you agreeing with me or disagreeing with me? Please elaborate.

  8. DemonAmongTheAngels says:

    Q:”Oooo, it’s so shiny! What is it?”
    A:”A waxed ball of dung.”

  9. Jiggles262 says:

    Actually Stephen Fry is a Linux person XD

  10. Echo104 says:

    @Echo104 There’s nothing much you can really do to alter this. Changing a few colors here and there isn’t much. It’s the WE make it and shove it down YOUR throat, and then you can f**k off, whereas Linux has a very open community. It’s like staying on one of those streets you see in movies, where every house is the same. You aren’t allowed to do many alterations and after a while, it’s monotonous. Search FSF and Stephen Fry celebrate the GNU Project 25th anniversary video, and see what I mean.

  11. Echo104 says:

    He doesn’t really get round to what he really wants to say here, and it’s not very visible as to why he hates MS so much. As most know, Stephen is a Mac fan(boy), some might say but it all has to do with each deals with it, but what he really backs is Linux. What he hates about MS in particular, and Apple, is the fact that at every chance they get they say it it THEIR software and YOU can’t do anything about it, even though you sit 18 hours a day in front of it.

  12. scramignon says:

    It is sad when someone that never uses Windows talks bad about it. It’s not about which one is better or which one is worst. I have used PCs and MACs since before the mouse was invented and I only have good things to say about both. There are so much hate already in the world.

  13. chloe21091 says:

    @hassatum oh my gosh i DO need glasses! But i swear that wasnt the title!

  14. hassatum says:

    You must be trollin’

  15. greyareaRK1 says:

    Shame, Stephen. Windows is what you get when you have an operating system that has to work on a huge number of machines of varying configurations and uses. Apple had to go back to Unix to get OSX – their own 9.x OS was rubbish. Their products strictly limit the choice of hardware and software, and the company is run by a control freak who’d make Joe Stalin cringe. Apple is the antithesis of the ‘openness’ you associate with it, and office software is boring, no matter who makes it.

  16. misy49 says:

    Glad to see David ‘I’m a PC’ Mitchell got to be in on this.
    I saw his mac in ‘situation’

  17. somercet1 says:

    You would have to read Joel On Software’s column about updating the Date-Time functions in Visual Basic to really understand what MS really makes money doing.

  18. Makron5 says:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Actually, the markups are significantly worse than that. I don’t have the stats in my hand, but it’s really a lot more than pretty much any other manufacturer out there really.

  19. DoomsdayR3sistance says:

    @Makron5 Let’s remember that when it comes to a Mac, $4000 of hardware will be resold by Apple at $6000… horribly overpriced and the OS to be honest isn’t as easy or user-friendly as apple fans tend to go on about. Let’s also remember there is Linux, while generally not as good on a user-interface level as windows or Mac OS X, it is even cheaper as the vast majority of Linux distributions are free… so why does windows win out over that? I think Windows actually is the most usable OS.

  20. SexyMelon says:

    Upgrade, Steven!

  21. animesis says:

    here here! im quite the same! Win 98 followed by XP and now 7! in a manner of speaking the same pc i bought 8 years ago, but also not as everything has been upgraded a piece or two at a time,
    my bf sat next to me with his mac, that is only a couple of years out of date and he needs a whole new one before he can get close to my pc again

  22. SethKTheGr8 says:

    @Vault101Reject I know entirely what you mean, Vista sucks ass. I really advise upgrading to Win7.

  23. Vault101Reject says:

    @SethKTheGr8 I’m using vista (it came with the computer) and it’s so ugly it’s horrible. Regardless of looks, it’s a pain to work with too most of the time.

  24. Mangina9000 says:

    @SethKTheGr8 He gets some nice kickbacks from his consistent proselytizing on behalf of Apple, who have their own issues. I grew up on DOS and Win, then jumped ship to Mac after XP. Pretty happy about it overall.

  25. Saisinkolimonadin says:

    I prefer Windows because Apple, as a corporation, appears to be benevolent and nice and all that stuff, but under that facade lies a dark heart of EVIL. You just KNOW that one day they’ll buy a small eastern European country and take over the whole world with their iDroids from Stevejobsstadt of Macintopia. Microsoft is just clearly out-and-out evil. They’re at least being open about it.

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