Learn How to Install Ubuntu Linux in 5 Minutes

A Tutorial: Ubuntu Linux is a completely free open-source operating system that has many useful features and abilities, and this guide will show you how to try this new OS without harming your Windows system, and it only takes five minutes to learn! This guide will show you how to: -Download and burn the Ubuntu image to CD -Shrink the Windows installation to make room for Ubuntu -Boot to the Ubuntu live CD and begin the installation process -A step-by-step description of what options to choose and when during the installation, including how to manually partition Ubuntu on your hard drive This guide was created for Windows Vista (using the disk manager to shrink Windows and make room for Linux) but should work with Windows XP as well as any version where you can shrink the partition through the control panel. This guide was designed for systems with a single hard disk, but may be used on a multiple hard-disk system with minor changes. For more information on Linux go to http://www.linuxhaxor.net Check out more of Nixie — http for more of my crazy videos and less crazy tips!

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25 Responses to Learn How to Install Ubuntu Linux in 5 Minutes

  1. TheSnyperxD says:

    am i the only one who noticed that with red hair chicks
    its either they are really hot
    or really ugly
    i never noticed a in between..

  2. Musketeerable says:

    ok i have a old toshiba satellite and it runs windows xp.. i love windows XP but is slow in my laptop.. iwanna know if linux is like a lil bit more faster..it have 40gb HHD and 250 or more RAM..i really dont wanna use Windows XP in this computer.. i have another laptop but im using Windows 7 and its ok i guess…

  3. oying23 says:

    i love you already

  4. pupustinki says:

    is ubuntu linux or is linux linux?

  5. ruelyd says:

    I love you eyes dear beautiful! can teah basic command with linux thanks

  6. bizarrebob says:

    When you’re creating the partition, i’m confused.. You mention you set it to 2000 because you have 1gb ram..

    the partition size has nothing to do with how much ram you have?

  7. redstrat8 says:


  8. sss92220 says:

    thank you

  9. CARSandBIKES9 says:

    u sound like a girl -.-

  10. Fibullio says:

    @foundmedead good to know 🙂

  11. Dubbzee702 says:

    Im a windows veteran, a hackintosh veteran but im a linux noob. Thx alot for the guide but i chose to make a live usb with unetbootin. i dont think ill waste 20gb of space for linux when i can have a working 1gb live usb!!!


  12. dark0mlks says:

    i think ubuntu has very easy installation.let’s see u install linux slackware sexy girl

  13. XxiheartitxX says:

    How to install windows in 5 minutes : “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!”
    How to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard in 5 minutes: “YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME!”
    windows user btw…

  14. nathanallan1 says:

    Excellent tutorial for installing on a Vista/7 computer. I’d like to see you do the same on win2kPro and XP. Subbed!

  15. CrashDu49 says:

    WTF!! do not use Windows hard drive disk manager !! just use gparted because if you use windows hdd manager it can modify your hard drive tab and gparted will not detect your partition anymore because microsoft doesn’t know how to make a software without bugs !! so just insert your live cd and use gparted to make your partitions !!

  16. foundmedead says:

    @Fibullio noobishness isnt a new word, its been around for long time

  17. chris07081 says:

    it says i cant shrink my drive any more than 1151 mb wat do i do??

  18. chris07081 says:

    it says i cant shrink my dive any more than 1151 mb wat do i do??

  19. keteague says:

    That does it! I’m switching to Ubuntu! Ubuntu has to be the way to meet hot chicks! j/k

    The title for this video is misleading. You’re not going to get a full installation in 5 minutes. You could get a minimal installation, such as a base netinstall without any additional packages. The end result wouldn’t be of much use, but it could be, depending on your needs. Also, with a little clickity-click of the keyboard (a la aptitude), you could have some very useful tools.

  20. MrPetter1000 says:

    oh fuck, my dick is uncontrollable. open source + sexy girl = ====3

  21. analyzingfunny says:

    @JurantMaestro Yup, IT porn. lol

  22. Beetham says:

    OK. I’m sold…

  23. BrokenBjartur says:

    4:01 oh my God…

    Were you trying to arouse everyone?!

    Great tutorial. Just need to watch it on another PC so I can follow it whilst installing Ubuntu on this one =P.

    Btw, if anyone asks why everyone (especially men) like Linux, do refer them to this youtube user =P. They will see.

  24. suitcheyhanbali says:

    thank you this helped me a ton

  25. Fibullio says:

    please forgive my noobishness (yes just created that word lol). But when i shrunk my main drive i created around 40g of total space. when i restarted and tried to install, it doesn’t say free space it says unusable?? not sure whats goingon. help please thanks. (installing 10.04

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