Know Your Meme: Keyboard Cat
The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies presents its findings on Play Him Off Keyboard Cat Lolcats Lolrus Furries and their Escalade! charlie schmidt’s “cool cat” Brad O’Farrell Rocketboom Interview with Brad O’Farrell Play Haley Off, Keyboard Cat Treadmill version nunchuck version fainting version barbell + fish tank version spider-man version roof jump version Keyboard Cat on CNN Keyboard Cat on The Daily Show Bill O’Reilly Advocates Keyboard Cat Vaudeville Historic Footage- Vaudeville Acts 1898 to 1910 keyboard cat personal life slideshow For more on internet memes and phenomena visit The MemeDB

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25 Responses to Know Your Meme: Keyboard Cat

  1. binaryguppy says:

    I thought that only male cats could be orange.

  2. TicoMachi says:

    No, youtube has not matured. Just watch any of the Rocketboom news videos with Molly in them. I think people just watch the videos to see her, and then wright about their “affections”. But watch out, if the videos don’t have her in them, the viewers lash out like monsters… angry, horny monsters…

  3. nonpersonsdotcom says:

    Yiff in Hell, furfags.

    Also, using hot chicks to describe memes in detail STILL = FAIL.

  4. PokemonInuyashax says:

    0:51 = epic win

  5. TheSquidLauncher says:

    Stephen Colbert makes EVERYTHING 47% more awesome.

  6. AmfleetII says:

    Haha, gotta agree.

  7. iPoopypants says:

    RIP Keyboard Cat.

  8. NaziJuice says:

    Why isn’t that woman naked or at least making babies ?

  9. jonasbrosuck10 says:

    @AmfleetII yeah, but furries being in it make it 47% less awesome.

  10. Rockzilla1122 says:

    man he is so cute so cute he could kill weegee

  11. uscdrew1 says:

    Lol there’s a pedobear.

  12. FallingNowhere says:

    This is HILARIOUS if you turn on Transcribe Audio: Roll over the “CC” and click on “Transcribe Audio.”

  13. FallingNowhere says:

    Wait, why am I watching this?….

  14. Iforgot276 says:

    fur win 0:51 FTW

  15. johndonofrio84x says:

    @johndonofrio84x DAWG

  16. johndonofrio84x says:

    you dawg i heard you like key board cat so i put a tabby and a casio in you car so you can play off bad drivers while you drive

  17. johndonofrio84x says:


  18. goldi947 says:

    @Paulbuffmansbuddy I said calm down, I just left that comment because I felt like it. No ulterior motive involved.

  19. Paulbuffmansbuddy says:

    @goldi947 its not a joke, it is a desperate cry for attention

  20. goldi947 says:

    @Paulbuffmansbuddy ok calm down, it was just a joke

  21. Paulbuffmansbuddy says:

    @goldi947 nobody is going to shove their thumb up your ass so cut it with that stupid shit

  22. goldi947 says:

    195 people were played off by keyboard cat

  23. yyy279 says:

    Seeing old youtube made me sad……

  24. GGGunitNextLevel says:

    She’s hot.

  25. TheMatman88 says:

    R.I.P FATSO 😦

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