Install Mac OS X on any PC for Free! | Part 2: Installation
The ultimate installation guide to running Mac OS X on your PC! This guide will walk you through downloading and dual boot installing free OSx86 distribution iDeneb on your AMD or Intel computer. Part 1: Preparing to Install Downloads: CPU-Z We will use CPU-Z to check whether or not your processor is SSE2/SSE3 uTorrent The torrent client we will use to download iDeneb v1.3 iDeneb v1.3 The free distribution of OSx86 well install iDeneb v1.6 Lite—A newer version. This version hasnt been tested with the settings we use in this tutorial; some troubleshooting may be left to you. CDBurnerXP The free CD/DVD burning software well use to burn the iDeneb disk image to DVD EASEUS Partition Master The free partition tool well use to create a partition to install iDeneb on Self-promotion: Techzo Facebook Page: YouTube Channel: Credits: Install Mac OS X on any PC for free! Tutorial: Tutorial by Tyler Falk Links gathered by Tyler Falk Techzo intro: Created by Keegan Griffin and Tyler Falk Music created by Kevin MacLeod

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25 Responses to Install Mac OS X on any PC for Free! | Part 2: Installation

  1. omjarify says:

    after i boot and set up my pc and i wrote passord a have bleu screen but nothing else what i do???

  2. Andre35822 says:

    I put the cd in, the Apple symbol with the loading screen shows up on my computer screen like at 0:20 but then i wait a long time but the little loader circle just pauses. Is that a CD Error? or does that mean the computer dosent reach the requirements

  3. TitsMcgee68ioweu1 says:

    I have the same issue as well… did you find a solution to it?

  4. ChubbyBalboa says:

    Mine freezes after i type in ‘exit’ :S What should i do?

  5. mariomj71099 says:

    at 2:34, can I choose Intel? since I have an Intel graphics card on my laptop

  6. MrHowTuber says:

    @ghill13fish2 you can do nothing but install a new OS on your computer, for example windows xp. if you dont, your computer will NEVER start…

  7. evillllll1 says:

    Burn to a DVD R+ or –

  8. brozariostalon says:

    Thanks I have successfully installed everything on my machine
    but the face is (if I check the Apple Updates) it says its has an update of 10.5.8
    should I update? or is it something that I shouldn’t do? cheers

  9. EMBracin says:

    you are an idiot: Your image is on the front of the video and your name appears multiple times (like an ego massaging maniac) in the credits. When the police find you, or at least Macs lawyers, your ass is toast and the only person to blame would be yourself…..

  10. NitemareChaser says:

    Can i install programs on the mac os: dreamweaver, bumtop, and snagit??

  11. jctumamao says:

    so ive got it all on my hard drive but an error keeps coming up after i type in -s the enter. what do i do?

  12. rh7onda7 says:

    can you create a partition on an external hard drive and run the Mac OS from there?

    or MUST it be downloaded onto your hard drive?

    am a little leary of have 2 different OS’s on my hard drive

  13. afgrocker101 says:

    he can anyone help, i have done everything he said and when i try to boot the cd my computer restarts. please help. thanks

  14. shauryachopra says:

    can we upgrade the mac software after installing iDenab… please reply asap.. download is running and i will install it tomorrow… leaving 4 over night… can i upgrade the software?

  15. ghill13fish2 says:

    When I try to boot win 7 it said boot mgr missing help plz

  16. MattexFilms2006 says:

    @jctumamao Yes you can make it as large as your hard drive

  17. jctumamao says:

    could you guys please spell correctly so i could use some of these comments for help.

  18. jctumamao says:

    when i restarted the partition manager opens up and moved all my info to somewhere, im lost at the moment

  19. biljana5666 says:

    @14Tadpole yes you cant

  20. biljana5666 says:

    @ghill13fish2 when you shutdown pc push end pres f12 dan f5 end énd -v end wheat 40min install .

  21. jctumamao says:

    can i make the partition any larger than 15360mbytes?

  22. MattexFilms2006 says:

    Ive made the disk but when i restart my computer it just goes straight to login

  23. Frost4k says:

    localhost configd[64]: interfacenamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID.

    how to fix it?

  24. 14Tadpole says:

    I have a 64bit system, will this work?

  25. ghill13fish2 says:

    i get it all to instale but i boot it and get the apple boot screen frezes plz help me

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