How to divide hard disk into a few parts?

My laptop is Toshiba, operation system is Vista.

What is the FREE software to divide the hard disk into a few parts?

One for operation system and softwares.

one for personal files

one for back up drive(keeping copy of personal files)

Any other good suggestions for dividing hard disk?

Thank you very much!

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One Response to How to divide hard disk into a few parts?

  1. Benjamin says:

    Windows Vista can do this with no extra software required.

    From the Control Panel go to Administrative Tools and then open Computer Management

    From the CM window, click on Disk Management.

    It will now show you all the Hard Drive and Partitions on your computer.

    You can right click a partition to shrink, expand or delete it. By shrinking or deleting other partititions, you should have enough space available to create a new partition (e.g. just to store personal files or backups).

    Note: Deleting a partition will erase the data stored on that partition. Shrinking or expanding a parition should not delete any data, but there is a chance something may go wrong so you should make a backup anyway.

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