Gigabyte i5 P55-UD5 Motherboard Review
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25 Responses to Gigabyte i5 P55-UD5 Motherboard Review

  1. jonboy7777 says:

    u should be a host in wwe

  2. Vocoder07 says:

    why?? the board has two LAN ports…that make no sense?? or???
    >sorry bad english<

  3. lolreallylongusernam says:

    P-Fitty Five. I lol’d

  4. stiktone says:

    Nice MOBO!

  5. Em0killer13 says:

    Entry level? what the hell are you talking about , its in the 220+ dollar range. Entry level should be 115-170. on top of that its under the Ex-Flagship model which was the P55A-UD6 or p55-ud6 (who cares about usb 3 anyways..) until the ud7 came out but it isnt available yet anyway so yeah.

  6. sackcheck says:

    @CooperScoots yes

  7. CooperScoots says:

    can this fit core i3 cpu’s?

  8. edge160 says:

    If you’re talking about using liquid nitrogen, then no. I suggest you get something with a LOTES socket rather a FOXCONN or you might damage your cpu.

  9. sesvn says:

    i am very confused i have a tight budget and going to build a budgeted pc. here are the specs:
    CPU: core i5 750 2.66 ghz
    Motherboard: intel DP55wb
    Ram: 4Gb ddr3
    GPU:xfx ati 4870
    Hard Drive: 1TByte
    Power Supply: coller master 600watts
    Casing: low range coller master case

    What is your suggestions about this?

    i am worried about my M.board is it work smoothly with my specs?

  10. Harry13ification says:

    Is this motherboard suitable for hard overclocking?

  11. slikmetal says:

    And that’s all we ask for!
    This was a good review, thinking of buying it, it seems like a good value board.

  12. Xerai says:

    Each sata port is controlled separately, but that doesnt mean each has its own controller. Are you seriously implying there are 10 controller chips on this board?

  13. magzire says:

    each sata port has its own separate controller

  14. ashleybeshir says:

    best motherbaord for gaming on i5 under 150 pound

  15. Filo011 says:

    OO i think i miss understood, this mother board won’t support 2 HD5850’s crossfired?

  16. Restaurant25 says:

    motherboardsorg, I’m in process of purchasing a new motherboard. I’ve been interested in Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H. Which one of the two is more superior? Money isn’t an issue. Playing World of Warcarft on it so I’m looking to max out the ram memory as well.

  17. ThuGfunk says:

    I think I’m going to be picking this up with my new build. Having the option to go SLI or Crossfire should prove to be very flexible if I ever want to swap video cards between nVinda or ATi.

  18. motherboardsorg says:

    Thanks fot the critic, we try our best!

  19. Xerai says:

    1:39: “It has 10 sata controllers”.
    – Surely you mean sata ports?

    0:50: You called it the “P55-UD55 motherboard”
    – Try speaking slower 🙂

  20. sumobritches says:

    the kids here on youtube are so immature. excellent review of this motherboard. i really appreciated it. great job!

  21. faugusztin says:

    eSATA/USB is pretty common in laptops. My 1 year old Toshiba Portege M800 had it, my current Toshiba Satellite U500 does have it.

  22. motherboardsorg says:

    Okay, name a laptop motherboard you can buy with that feature?? I checked and even on laptops its rare and yes, this is the 1st desktop board with this feature, so it is new to the desktop environment my friend. But hey we do like your opinions..

  23. BSZanatsu says:

    All I’m saying is that they are not new. Like MetalPhreakAU said, “they are rarely seen on desktop motherboards. Most places I see the combo eSata/usb port is on laptops.” So If you realy want me to name another motherboard then all i have to do is name a laptop that has it and walla. you never said it had to be a desktop motherboard.

  24. motherboardsorg says:

    Oh Yeah name another motherboard that has this feature MR….???

  25. BSZanatsu says:

    1:50 “It fechers the NEW…” I put some other things up but it did not post them for some rason. Basicly i want more indepth info on the diferent components.

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