Computer Hardware Information : How to Buy a Computer
When buying a computer, consider what the computer will be used for and modify the computer to fit specific needs. Get more memory for graphic art and a faster processor for gaming on a computer with information from a computer and technology specialist in this free video on computers. Expert: Glenn Pieper Contact: Bio: Glenn Pieper is a senior systems engineer and on the staff of PrismNet Internet Service Provider. Filmmaker: Glenn Pieper

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20 Responses to Computer Hardware Information : How to Buy a Computer

  1. MadMadsGamer says:

    WOW a fucking fan on the graphics card!?! OMFG!

  2. wheely132 says:

    how can you read a manual on a computer that you dont have?

  3. ScreamingTamrin says:

    am i actually seeing this unfold in front of my eyes?

  4. alexis51u117 says:

    What kind of computer would you recommend under 500 dollars. Specifics speed, memory, graphics, reliability.

  5. berto649 says:

    i thought something was gonna happen i want my 4 minutes back

  6. bizzy400 says:

    i think i hate this guy

  7. Harelgur says:

    thats disturbing

  8. TimeManInJail says:

    lol my friend sold me an high end graphic card which when it was out it was 300 and i bought it for 50!!! actually price now is 136 or something!!
    i like this guy
    he has a very confident voice that doesn’t make the audience stupid or any aggressive tone

  9. DownLoadSupport says:

    @struggle375 Asus Essentio CG5270 its around 600$ but you get quad core CPU, 8 DDR2 RAM, and 1 TB hard drive. go to my channel i have a review for it

  10. RemoKinga says:

    wow this guys cool, prob the most informative vid ive seen from expertvillage…

  11. DreamUnconscious says:

    i wana sell my desktop…….(mob..)9211493489…..delhi

    4 gb ram
    quard core intel cpu
    asus p5n-e-sli motherboard

    with bill

  12. Poisonfrogg says:

    hahahahah, good luck to that struggle375 lol

  13. NiZaTutorials says:

    HD 1min=1gb lol i can get a 7min long clip HD Widescreen for 19mb lol

  14. groudon8 says:

    Right now the top of the line gaming computer is maybe 2k but you may not need that much. That is when you assemble the parts yourself. The same hardware may cost 1000s more from the manufacturer, or it may not produce those computers at all.

  15. FramedHamProductions says:

    that actually helped a lot thanks!

  16. sabaths1fan says:

    Computers won’t have all that,
    Just some of it.
    Just enough for the computer to work.
    The more stuff you put in it,
    The faster it will go,
    The better it will look,
    The less lag,
    And if you want a lot of games,
    You’ll need to get more memory space than what it comes with.
    You need to willing to spend more than 500 for a gaming computer.
    I’m consider myself a gamer,
    I just have a computer out of the box,
    Works fine for me.
    Depends how much gaming your gonna do.
    Read the flippin’ manual!

  17. struggle375 says:

    ummmm i want gaming and im just gonna go out and buy one
    but im not sure wat im lookin for
    like are those things u said already in it
    or do i gotta buy them seperatley???
    and it has to be under 500 dollars

  18. varungoku says:

    awesome i like u lol ur so funny!

  19. DrakmasterTheangle says:

    nice thanks for the vid now i know what kind i want for xmas ty

  20. T900S says:


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