My Microwave Computer Case Mod
Why buy a computer case when you can build one just the way you want. out of a microwave!!! TV dinner anyone?

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25 Responses to My Microwave Computer Case Mod

  1. Aqwert76 says:

    so.. is it a good idea to microwave this?

  2. TheZeldamaster23 says:

    Hello! pc and food??

  3. tomstutorials says:

    that is so cool and very original i like it!

  4. thunders4life says:


  5. SpineShank7 says:

    or you could buy a case for less than 100 lol. oh well, the microwave still made me laugh 😛

  6. acer0169 says:

    @mathkor89 Haha oh okay :]

  7. mathkor89 says:

    @acer0169 I owned myself :P, although I wasn’t talking about you XD

  8. acer0169 says:

    @mathkor89 I think you mean spelling.

  9. mathkor89 says:

    @acer0169 I suggest you start with your grammar first 😉

  10. iStoleYourPC says:

    @XGCKrazyK Attaboy. haha. im not exactly sure how it works either, but the one thing i know is that the computer ain’t burnin up or fryin. =D

  11. XGCKrazyK says:

    @iStoleYourPC Actually the magnetron is the heart of the microwave….. it creates microwave radiation that make water molecules vibrate really fast. This is how it cooks.

  12. TheCatSteve says:

    I dont think your supposed to cook it in a box..

  13. DarkFury212 says:

    LMFAO Hungry Man FTW

  14. HHBones says:

    Cases in general are for weaklings.

  15. CCReviews says:

    Haha, that’s sweet!

  16. qck101 says:

    gay music

  17. SamanthasLover17 says:

    i would pay for that!

  18. TheBlitz1 says:

    Why spend hours modifying a house hold appliance when you can buy a high end gaming case for $80 bucks.

  19. Daxter609 says:

    If that was mine I would overclock it really high put a bag of popcorn in their then go on Crysis and start watching that popcorn pop 🙂

  20. zackincarbonite says:

    I made a PC out of a toilet once, but everyone told me it looked crappy…

  21. z34gtp9395 says:

    you will never have a problem cooling your cpu etc lol.

  22. morce21 says:

    lol, nice man

  23. Daxter609 says:

    good idea now you got to worry about overheating and you can overclock much as you want.

  24. acer0169 says:

    I’m builing my next computer into my fridge :]

  25. ArnoldRyan2005 says:

    @pinoyprof The microwave doesn’t work anymore… it was gutted out, as all the pictures demonstrated.

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