Linux Baby Rocker
Baby rocked to sleep by CD rom tray on computer.

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25 Responses to Linux Baby Rocker

  1. onraj9mm says:

    lol kid is gonna call the computer daddy

  2. pandain5 says:

    @vitfirringur dude stfu

  3. ToxeCryz says:

    Because no other OS can do this…

  4. BloodRedChorizo says:

    I amazed you were even able to find a woman who’d reproduce with you. Well done. You beat the odds.

  5. vitfirringur says:

    While 1=1? Your coding fu is pathetic. “while true” is fine.

  6. mp4podcastDOTcom says:


  7. blenderuser says:


  8. levo75 says:

    @calao2288 Install Gentoo

  9. calao2288 says:

    does this works for windows too ?

    excelente work.

  10. gicekraf says:

    children shouldn’t play with a computer when their so young !! your a bad parent 😛 nice video hehe

  11. scottrex33 says:

    what cant Linux do?

  12. jaddieboi says:

    @Jmaltz9 LOL, thanks for making me laugh was feeling a bit annoyed until I saw your joke xD

  13. pmgodfrey says:

    I did something which did the same thing but at the time didn’t use a computer.

    13 years ago it was important to get some sleep! Now we just embarrass him, apparently.

    Wonderful job!

  14. Jmaltz9 says:

    no its Linux/PC cuz they look the same and they both suck! then there is the computer that solves all problems…mac

  15. ross817 says:

    You should have used a coat hanger or something that is solid so it would rock the baby back and forth rather than jerkily tugging it.

    Also, isn’t it a little bit inefficient to constantly do that? I mean, why not just use an arduino?

  16. carlangaslongas says:

    holy! i need this for one of my fingers

  17. tejedaAlex says:

    Hahahahahahh, nice !!!!!

  18. churchill33470 says:

    Wtf was that about

  19. nyaggi says:

    @tzaqxxx Gnu/Linux is really awesome…

  20. MrKvosesly4va says:

    original work

  21. KGProDunk says:

    where I can find that program

  22. vishumzn says:

    #lol ‘creative’

  23. Kandyliciouz5 says:

    jajajajaja omg

  24. fireonearth0 says:


  25. tzaqxxx says:

    Ubuntu is really awesome :X love it!

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