Intel DX58SO Motherboard
Intel’s DX58SO Motherboard features support to QPI, triple-channel memory and Socket 1366. Capable of handling multiple video cards in SLI and is one of the first to offer a non-NVIDIA chipset based mainboard that supports SLI and Crossfire.

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25 Responses to Intel DX58SO Motherboard

  1. pns456 says:

    i have it really cool moterboard

  2. AusShinDig says:

    Same here. I got the new version which has better SATA ports and stuff but no Far Cry 2.

  3. SonosukeYawara says:

    @903harman same here, but i got the new version of the board, thats better anyways^^

  4. 903harman says:

    I Didnt Get my Farcry 2 disk!! >:O

  5. roaskywalker says:

    I buy it, and now I have been playing everything in the market!!!!! Awsome MotherBoard!

  6. asus3571 says:

    @Blackcandlez yerp bro i was hopeing noone was that stupid

  7. Blackcandlez says:

    @asus3571 Yes I know that. I was replying to iheartcomps. Think u interpret the msg wrongly. HAhahaha ^^

  8. asus3571 says:

    @Blackcandlez you talkin about the board in this vid its x58 no x58 mobo supports am3

  9. bash2crash1 says:

    hey man pls some 1 help me! i got a second hand motherboard but i dont no wat name it is n i dont have the cd! on the motherboard it says MSI N1996 is this the name?i need the drivers!pls

  10. pcgames234 says:

    @artemis2314 im dead i’m saving money to get my i7 980x computer

  11. pcgames234 says:

    @032103450333 intel it supports intel cpu at highest

  12. cjgan80 says:

    It looks a bit weird that the Memory Slots are on top of the CPU socket

  13. dayl3 says:

    @Mr937595 How so?

  14. NoneImparticular says:

    He said that Pentium to Core 2 was a great increase of performance.. wll I’m going Pentium to i7 at once… it’s gonna be epic.

  15. artemis2314 says:

    hey, I’m using Intel P4 and i am undead.

  16. MrKupal29 says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this motherboard DX58SO is the 2nd motherboard that i see using processor Core i7….very cool…

  17. Mr937595 says:

    this board is terrible!

  18. 032103450333 says:

    which one board best?
    intel DX58so or Asus maximus iii

  19. igoogle235 says:

    my current rig
    core i7 940 @ 3.5ghz
    coolermaster v10
    2 5870s in crossfire
    ultra x4 1050w psu
    WD velicoraptor HDD 300gb x2
    coolermaster haf 932 case
    OCZ 6GB tri-channel DDR3 RAM

  20. Jechtsays says:

    WHAT REALLY? wow lolol ty i have this mobo and was gonna sli it but then i saw what this guy said but then you said it does so i’ll try it out

  21. blink180heights says:

    DX58SO (Came with Free Far Cry 2 and G.R.A.W 2)
    Core i7 920 Stock
    OCZ 6GB Tri-Channel DDR3 Ram
    1 TB Hitachi Hard Drive
    650 Watt Power Supply
    9800 GTX+ 512mb
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    3 120mm Case fans, 1 80mm fan
    All for under $1400 6 months ago…

    I want to buy a better power supply unit so i can buy more fansand another 9800 GTX+ or sell it and buy the GTX 285 itself

  22. blink180heights says:

    @iheartcomps AMD doesn’t fit the 64-bit chip that is required for this board u liar

  23. Blackcandlez says:

    yea rite…since when this board supports am3 socket…Try harder next time

  24. iheartcomps says:

    im using this board with an amd phenom II 965 black editiona and i overclocked to 6.2 ghtz on air

  25. IanTBH says:

    It DOES actually support both SLI and Crossfire.

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