How To Clean a Computer Mouse
Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from downpourpro and more videos in the Keyboards & Mice category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Nothing’s more annoying than moving your mouse one way while your cursor goes the other — or just stays put. Chances are a quick cleaning of this device will get you back on track. To complete this How-To you will need: A damp cloth A dry cloth Tweezers A razor Spray cleaner Step 1: Shut down computer Shut down your computer and remove the mouse from the USB port. Step 2: Remove track ball Flip the mouse over and twist the track ball cover to remove the ball. Tap the mouse on your hand or tabletop to remove the ball. Step 3: Wipe off track ball Wipe the ball with a clean, damp cloth. Step 4: Clean mouse components Clean the track ball compartment with a dry cloth. Use your fingernail, tweezers, or a razor to remove anything that’s caked on. Warning: Be careful not to dislodge any tiny wires or components. Step 5: Replace track ball and cover Replace the track ball and cover. Step 6: Clean exterior Wipe down the outside of the mouse, including the cable, with a cloth sprayed with cleaner. Tip: If you use a wireless mouse, you only need to clean the outside, not the internal components. Step 7: Turn on computer Plug the USB

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25 Responses to How To Clean a Computer Mouse

  1. justin8779 says:

    How can i shutdown my computer if my mouse doesn’t work?

  2. sexysputnik says:

    seriously a mouse?! im not even watching this

  3. winkerbell100 says:

    Where do you use the razor???

  4. gta1172 says:

    If the mouse didnt work how did he go to the start menu?

  5. ssumm3rx says:

    it worked. thankyou

  6. Flinklehurst says:

    Jesus Christ not only is this archaic but they get it wrong right from step one. There’s no need to turn the computer off and unplug the mouse.

  7. Sylvester7099 says:

    Since when someone use ball mouse and this video is uploaded in 2009 HOWCAST FAIL! at this video lol

  8. xopriscillanatasyaxo says:

    @StupidSkateboarding yeah.

  9. xopriscillanatasyaxo says:

    @jakuszkowiak hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha howcast pwned~~

  10. XdJetSc says:

    @StupidSkateboarding with the almighty power of the keyboard. It’s possible.

  11. woxbax says:

    @StupidSkateboarding getting a new one

  12. ShadowLink678 says:

    @StupidSkateboarding You could borrow a mouse from someone else, use your keyboard to control the cursor, use shortcut keys to get to this video, etc.

  13. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, You F@!#

  14. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, You F@!#.

  15. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, You F@!#

  16. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, YOU F!@#

  17. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, YOU F!@#

  18. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, YOU F!@#

  19. foxsneeker says:

    Chew with your mouth closed, YOU F!@#

  20. TheBloodyKnife1 says:

    I still use a dell ps2 ball mouse it is really good but it has a scroll whell unlike this one its really comfortable

  21. jacoale says:

    @alienjoe123 I totally thought that too! haha

  22. alienjoe123 says:

    At first I thought they said a damn cloth.

  23. Drag2hand says:

    @jakuszkowiak I use a type of mouse that has a ball except you move it with your thumb. Its a logitech which explains it.

  24. gennkill says:

    @StupidSkateboarding using my keyboard as a mouse of course!! go Google it ^^

  25. gennkill says:

    @jakuszkowiak lol me i use ball mouses…

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