Computer Hardware : How to Install a New Laptop Hard Drive
To install a new laptop hard drive, turn the computer upside down, locate the hard drive, remove the old drive with a set of small screwdrivers, and mount the new hard drive in the caddy. Return the hard drive caddy to the computer, and install the formatting discs with instructions from a computer specialist in this free video on computer hardware.

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12 Responses to Computer Hardware : How to Install a New Laptop Hard Drive

  1. kgp4death says:

    wow that was one of the worst tutorials i have ever seen……..take some screws out put it in (far from job completed)…….sata/ide nothing said about differences nothing said about harddrive speeds or anything like that, nothing said about possible having to open whole computer case just to get to hard drive which i have had to do multiple times. nothing said about dust or static, noting about partitioning or formating or installing new os.nothing about usb drive options -5 points man

  2. Lorondos says:

    if the CD is indeed a OS “install” disc then yes because most laptops from OEMs come pre-loaded with a recovery ELSA partition which is for factory default recovery to the OS image(+ software) stored on there, the new drive will have nothing on it and so therefore you will need an OS install disc…you do not need to buy the OS again as you should have your serial on the back of your laptop…so your entitled to a copy of whatever OS you are talking about

  3. 1717now says:

    Question for you. If i install a new HDD on my laptop, my old hdd would have the OS–the pre-installed OS that came with the laptop when i bought it. Once the new HDD is installed, can i use the disks that came with the laptop to reinstall the OS? or do i need to buy a full version of the OS for the HDD?

  4. rockgod2131 says:

    I would NOT recommend doing this on a table like he is. You’re gonna lose screws that way.

  5. eikots says:

    u dont have to worry about static charge? i thought u would have to be earthed

  6. arabrockerman says:

    ya your right but I just don’t care anymore nothing important on it I really like this laptop but I doubt it will last too much longer so I just don’t keep anything important on it. I guess I’ll get the Acer timeline next time from walmart (not trying to advertise here)

    but 8 hour battery life sounds friggen sweet hopefully they get faster before I need one.

  7. TerribleSniperX says:

    @arabrockerman I recommend backing everything onto an external hard drive or online you never know when a laptop will brick itself.

  8. arabrockerman says:

    well I just cleared out some mem I was 120gig and packed I got a flash drive for my photos and junk and just decided not to spend anything on this laptop till it dies.

    Good laptop btw I can’t believe I’ve had it just almost 3 years and abused the crap outta it and still works great

    I thought Acer was gonna be a crappy laptop back in 07 it was just the cheapy $500 one at walmart lol

  9. TerribleSniperX says:

    @arabrockerman either 250 or 320 is more than enough for an OS just make sure you get the right speed hard drive

  10. TheSuicideAttacker says:

    no not that shitty jimmy dean ad

  11. arabrockerman says:

    I got only 2 gigs left on my hard drive.

    I was woundering if I went to wal-mart picked up one of those $60 ones WD brand i think and 320 or 250 either way much more than mine I was woundering if I could instal my operating system and drivers ahead of time then put my old hard drive in that casing so I have all my old data

    would one of those hard drives fit and be suitable.

    I really don’t want to spend alot more than that my laptop is two years old and while it hasn’t had problems well…

  12. americanworksmen says:

    wow you really just dont care if you scratch your laptop.

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