A Day in the Life – Computer Software Engineer

A typical day in the life of a Computer Software Engineer. Courtesy of CareerOneStop. Learn how to get there at http://www.MYCAREERRX.com. Colleges Educate. We Create Careers.

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25 Responses to A Day in the Life – Computer Software Engineer

  1. AuroTurtle says:

    Can you say Microsoft Samantha?

  2. maravilla1992 says:

    @zombiecrowtv yeah but in college you teach yourself

  3. maravilla1992 says:

    @justicedude97 true

  4. MortalSymphony says:

    Ho this all bull… 2 b a successful s/w engg all u hve do is know how 2 use google effectively(85% + 10% politics + 5% analytical skills)… =P

  5. Zodiac11111 says:

    So what’s the major difference between computer and software engineers?

  6. sk8pn says:

    @zombiecrowtv true

  7. smalltownskater17 says:

    What kind of math? What percent of it is math?

  8. thebest852 says:

    im starting college for computer engineering and i cant wait

  9. ClinchMovie says:

    @feelgoodside Hey, I’ heading to college this fall. I’m majoring in Computer Engineering. Software Eng. has very similar classes, but Comp. Eng. has a more broad area (so I have been told anyway :P)

    I’ve taken a little bit of Java in High School just for fun, but where I’m headed, there is no need for knowing it, they teach it to you.

    Comp Science is totally different from Software Eng. Comp Science creates new things, Engineers utilize how to use them and create cool stuff.

    Hope I helped! 🙂

  10. bytedildo says:

    This video is old, you can see that not only by looking at old computers and crt screens, but by observing span tags all ove the place in his code, when the camera glances it over.

  11. feelgoodside says:

    So to become a Software Engineer go to college for computer science? Should you already know all the things like Java or c++ before that?

  12. slobhinav says:

    Petroleum Engineering owns this HAHAHAHA just 1 more year.

  13. Ngelcanfly says:

    well…say goodbye to this job because math to me is annoying.

  14. ltshinta says:

    @MykesterMachinima A math degree with focus on a large amount of Calc. If your not sure check out what units each degree entails

  15. MykesterMachinima says:

    im having a hard time deciding whether to major in math or software engineering. fyi im not a big fan of math, although i dont mind it, it’s just calculus that sucks.

  16. vlogger3000 says:

    @piratesonline1 avg salary is 50 bucks an hour for a software engineer. 25 or 30 an hour is not unreasonable for someone starting out

  17. piratesonline1 says:

    how much do they get paid a month?

  18. FrostElite27 says:

    if you’re interested in computer science, please take a look at my website at binaryvalue (dot) com

  19. OMNIKING09 says:

    @zombiecrowtv u are so right I go to MIT and there are couple of teachers who should be fired for not even trying to teach a math course in normal standards

  20. tikurgisila says:

    Speaking of computers, the woman’s voice sounds computer generated

  21. LauraBeachnut says:



    It’s good to hear … uh, read, someone say it, “OUT LOUD”

    THANK YOU zombiecrowtv .

    The technically gifted is not usually the best teachers and the best teachers are not always the best students.

  22. FreeComputerTutor says:

    @air3nt Not really. Long before the term “software engineer” emerged, programmers designed (or engineered) the project and then programmed it. Now the two tasks are often split-up. A programmer nowadays typically programs based on specifications from the software engineer. However, usually it is the software engineer who performs both tasks.

  23. DameanStormwolf says:

    How do I turn my computer into a time machine?

  24. dewrenged says:

    I love the guy’s face when she says that they are full of excitment.

  25. Andybaby says:

    software engineers also never smile

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